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Human Design- Your Unique Patterns Playbook

Finding Your Center Sessions: Treat Yourself!

It's self care to find out who you really are. And how you can be best satisfied in this world. Pick one, pick two, pick them all and go deeper than ever before in the science and energy of your hologenetic profile!

In the Cards Session: What's in the Cards for You? We'll cover:

Strengths Session: What are my Strengths? We'll cover:

Results: Reorganizing your tasks and your team’s tasks by strengths allows you to make the most of everyone’s gifts, and personalities. Work success taken to a whole new level!

Human Design Intro Session: How can I design my future? We'll look at:

Results: Want to know your personality better? Or the personalities of your team? We’ll look at the five types in Human Design, how you and your team interact, and more psychological insights to help you be successful in the day to day.

Gene Keys Intro Session: My Highest Potential

We have so many directions we could go in this life. Which direction works for you? Using the Gene Keys we will look at:​

Results: KEY insights into your conscious, and unconscious personality, that can provide you with core understanding about who you are.

Gene Keys: Your Love Life

How do you love? How can you attract more of the love you want? Using the gene keys, we will look at:

RESULTS: Have you ever wondered what the right relationships can be for you? Looking at your venus sequence can allow you to go deeper into making the right choices. You can have more power in relationships than ever before.

Gene Keys: Your Prosperity

How do you find your unique brand? What about your core essence? What is the work you will truly find fulfilling? Your fulfillment leads to your purpose and prosperity. Using the gene keys, we will look at:

RESULTS: Want direction? These sessions will calibrate your inner compass. Bottom Line: You'll get a better understand yourself and the work you're here to do. And who to do it with.

I'm pretty new to human design, but I always remain open and curious to learning more about myself. And my human design session with Mazarine did not disappoint. My first session was like a lightning bolt. It validated so much about myself, but I also realized something deep about myself-something that needed healing in order to allow more flow and growth in my life. It’s these type of breakthroughs that transform our lives. Mazarine is not only gifted, she also has an energy that makes you feel at ease and supported during your session. I encourage you to remain open to explore and learn new aspects of your human design and Mazarine is the perfect person to help you! Thank you for helping me understand myself better! - Teresa Ichsan

Human Design- Your Unique Patterns Playbook

The greatest secret is to have one, and not know what it is. What makes this different from all of the personality tests out there? Highly accurate, detailed information about you. Science combined with centuries old knowledge. The I-Ching, Astrology, and the Chakra system all in one. This is like finding out secrets you didn’t know you had. Once you start learning, you will be eager for more. Many people feel these words and energies deep in their bodies.