Relationships & the Cards: Rihanna and Chris Brown

Rihanna and Chris Brown 2012
Rihanna hugs Chris Brown at the 2012 VMAs

Rihanna was born February 20, 1988, which makes her a Pisces Dragon, while Chris Brown was born May 5th, 1989, which makes him a Taurus Snake.

Why would a Pisces and a Taurus get together? It doesn’t make sense. A dragon and a snake, well, that makes more sense. That’s good, from a Chinese astrology perspective. But water and earth? Wouldn’t she be too emotional for him?

Chris Brown beat up Rihanna in 2009, when he was 19 and she was 20. The pictures surfaced all over the internet and vilified Chris Brown. She even wrote a song called “Rehab” about a bad relationship.

When she broke up with Chris Brown, she ran to Drake, a Scorpio (Jack of Hearts, 2 of hearts 2 of diamonds). As the Jack of hearts, he would have been a nice rebound for her, with the added bonus of the mars past life connection between the two of diamonds and the five of diamonds, which makes for a nice sexual connection.

Lately Rihanna and Chris Brown have been seen together again, including collaborating musically in February 2012, and then hugging on stage at the VMAs in September 2012. People don’t understand why she would go back to him. Let’s look more deeply into this.

Their birth card connections

Rihanna is a 5 of diamonds birth card, and her PRC is the Jack of Diamonds. This means that she’s got changing values, and loves to travel. As a Jack, she’s also got a lot of talent in being artistic, making money, and justifying a number of desires that she has. Being a Jack, she can be less than responsible about her life decisions. This makes being a superstar flying all over the world giving concerts perfect for her.

Chris Brown is the Ace of spades and 7 of diamonds Planetary Ruling Card. The Ace of Spades has a hard life in emotional terms, as their mercury card is the 7 of hearts, and their first karma card is the 7 of hearts. That means that they will assume people are against them, and they will be focused on work to the exclusion of relationships. Some have said that the Ace of spades is better off focused on their work instead of even having a relationship. Spirituality can provide relief but they rarely go that route. The seven of diamonds means that he can make a lot of money, as it’s the millionaires’ card.

Since they are both diamonds, they will understand each other very well. Though they are not near each other in the life spread, in the past-life spread, there’s a different story going on.

The past life connections
Because she’s the 5 of diamonds and he’s the 7 of diamonds, in the past life spread she has a Venus connection going towards him. Because of his 7 of diamonds, in the past life spread, he has a jupiter connection with her. Both connections make them both love and want to give to each other.

The karma card connections

Rihanna’s first karma cards are the 9 of diamonds and the 3 of spades. That means that he has a Venus connection going towards her in the past life spread, TWICE. Both with his Ace of spades going to her 3 of spades, and with his 7 of diamonds to her 9 of diamonds.

Chris Brown’s first karma cards are the 7 of hearts and the 9 of hearts. When you look at someone’s first karma cards, these are issues that challenge them. The seven of hearts has an irrational fear of being betrayed. The 9 of hearts is used to having the power of their past life card, the eight of hearts, which causes them to abuse their power over and over again in this life. This means that when it cones to love, he can be abusive and will think that there is any justification for his actions. Having the 9 of hearts also means that he is due to have a lot of love disappointments and needs to let go in love.

A word about the 9s and Neptune

Nine cards can be good at fooling themselves, having a strong Neptune influence. Both Rihanna (9 of diamonds first Karma card) and Chris Brown (9 of hearts) have nines as their first karma cards. Combine this with the fact that Rihanna is already a Pisces and will already have a heavy Neptune influence, it’s easy for her to fool herself about relationships and what her values and desires are. Chris Brown

Rihanna’s second karma cards are the 3 of clubs and Jack of clubs.

Chris Brown’s second karma cards are 2 of clubs and the 9 of hearts. this makes Chris Brown Rihanna’s moon card in the past life spread, with the 2 of clubs behind the 3 of clubs.

This means he will want to support her and she will feel comfortable shining as the sun in this relationship.

There are so many Venus, Jupiter and even moon connections between them that it’s no surprise that she’s running back to him.


Rihanna is actually DANCING WITH CHRIS BROWN’S BIRTH CARD IN THIS 2012 VIDEO. I could not make this up. Look.

As the Ace of Spades, he certainly is the One of Ones. He Da One. The ace, that is.

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