Relationships and the Cards: Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Taylor

Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Taylor, her second husband
Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Taylor, her second husband

Barbara Stanwyck was an incredibly prolific actress. She made 85 films in 38 years in Hollywood, before turning to television. She acted in such films as The Lady Eve, by Preston Sturges, and many more critically acclaimed films.

Robert Taylor was her husband, they were married from 1939 to 1951. Some claimed this marriage was arranged by MGM, but she called him the love of her life, and took his death in 1969 very hard.

What were their personalities like?

Robert Taylor was born August 5, 1911, which makes him a Leo Pig, Eight of Diamonds.

Barbara Stanwyck was born July 16, 1907, which makes her a Cancer Goat, Queen of Clubs, Ace of Clubs.

barbara-stanwyckGoats and Pigs get along swimmingly. Goat depends, and Pig provides. They both love romance, art, theatre and creating a beautiful home. Because she was a watery cancer, she appreciated Robert’s sunny Leo style.

The Queen of clubs is known to be the Queen of Mean. Adding the Ace of clubs into the mix means she was more self-focused than many Queen of Clubs are. They have a hard life in emotional terms, unless they can find spiritual fulfillment and purpose.

Because Robert Taylor was an eight of diamonds, he was very self focused too. Eight of diamonds is the sun card in the life spread.

What were their connections like?

Their first connection between their two birth cards was a jupiter connection. That means that Robert Taylor loved to give to Barbara Stanwyck. He would support her and they could make money together. It’s an excellent connection for marriage. Their second connection was harder. It’s a mars connection between her PRC, the Ace of clubs, and his birth card, the 8 of diamonds. What this means is that they were magnetically attracted to each other, but would have frequent fights. Mars is the god of war. It’s hard to have a connection like that when it’s one of the first connections between you.

On the karma card side, Robert Taylor’s second Karma card was the 7 of clubs. Paired with the Ace of clubs, that’s a nice Uranus connection, allowing them to be friends and let each other be free. In the other direction, Barbara Stanwyck was Saturn to the 7 of clubs. This means that she could show him the way to be a better actor, and improve his work.  She was certainly a prolific performer in the 30s and 40s, more so than he was.

Later in her life, she had a four year affair with Robert John Wagner, Jr., born February 10, 1930 (2 of spades, 8 of diamonds), Aquarius Horse.

Horses and Goats get along well too!

Again, she found herself with an 8 of diamonds man, and the connections are very similar to her husband’s.

Barbara Stanwyck will take none of your guff

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