Relationships and the Cards: Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union

Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union
Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union

Dwayne Wade was born January 17, 1982, making him a Capricorn rooster, 10 of diamonds and 5 of hearts.

Gabrielle Union was born October 29, 1972, making her a Scorpio rat, 6 of hearts, Jack of spades and 10 of diamonds.

D Wade plays for the Miami Heat. Gabrielle Union is known for her acting roles in “Bring it on” among other movies.

They recently got engaged and Gabrielle got a ring worth ALMOST a MILLION dollars.

But all is not well in paradise. How compatible are they, really?

Scorpios are generally compatible with capricorns. But Roosters and Rats? Well, Rats generally get along best with other Rats, Oxen, and Monkeys.

Roosters generally get along well with Snakes, Oxen, and Dogs.

Scorpio rats do want to wield a lot of power and if I had to guess, aside from the 10 year difference in ages, I would say that Gabrielle Union wears the pants in this relationship.

But what do the destiny cards have to say?

Dwayne Wade is the 10 of diamonds. His planetary ruling card is the 5 of hearts. This makes him fairly unmarriageable, because the 10 of diamonds has their work as first priority, always. The five of hearts loves variety in love. Can you begin to see how this might be a problem in a relationship?

Gabrielle Union is the 6 of hearts. Her planetary ruling cards are the Jack of spades and the 10 of diamonds. As a 6 of hearts, and as a rat, she wants a lot of stability in love. On the other hand it’s hard for a woman to have the Jack of Spades as her personality card, because it is such a masculine symbol. It can make her very kooky and tormented and artistic (see Amanda Palmer). And it can be hard to be with her because of her violent mood swings, unless she has an artistic outlet of some kind.

So here we see a couple with a lot of compatibility and a lot of connections.

The first connection, between Gabrielle’s birth card and Dwayne’s birth card, is a pluto connection. This means that Dwayne represents another level of Gabrielle’s evolution, one that may take her whole life to realize. Because he is her pluto card, he will seem like a burden to her until she can understand what he represents.

Her planetary ruling card, the Jack of spades, has the 10 of diamonds as her Saturn card, which means he will show her how to be a better person, and he can make some harsh judgments on her.

This will be hard for her because she’s older and has more life experience, and generally, wants more power as a rat than other signs want.

Her birth card, the 6 of hearts, makes her competitive, and it takes her a long time to make changes in the area of her relationships. She can seem stuck at times.

However, despite these heavy connections, Dwayne’s planetary ruling card, the 5 of hearts, is Gabrielle’s moon card in the spiritual spread. (Her birth card is the 6 of hearts) This means that he will want to support her and make her shine in the world, as the sun card.

And they share a birth card and a planetary ruling card of the 10 of diamonds, so if they like themselves, they can be compatible and understand each other implicitly. It’s similar to having the same birth card, but not as heavy.

Recently Dwayne Wade came out as having a child with another woman. This is expressing his 5 of hearts quality, needing variety in love. This must be very hard for Gabrielle as she wants a lot of stability in love.

Since she’s also the 10 of diamonds, she has his planetary ruling card, the 5 of hearts, as her saturn card again. This means that again, he will remind her of things she needs to learn about herself.

With so many direct saturn and pluto connections between their birth cards and planetary ruling cards, I would predict that Gabrielle really wanted to grow when she got into this relationship.

I would also surmise that unless she holds on to the death (like a typicaly rat, Rats tend to cling to security) this will be a short-lived marriage.

What do YOU think of D. Wade and Gabrielle Union’s engagement?