Relationships and the Cards: Kid Cudi and Jamie Baratta

kid cudi girlfriend
Kid Cudi is born 1/30/1984 and Jamie Baratta is born 5/1/1986. They broke up but spent almost 2 years together, one of his longer relationships. She’s a Taurus Tiger, he’s an Aquarius Pig. What were they doing together? You wouldn’t think a down-to-earth Taurus would really excite an Aquarius. And why would a pig and a tiger get together?

Suzanne white says the Aquarius Pig needs to have someone set fire to their purple satin running shorts just to get their attention. Taurus Tigers, unlike other tigers, have the capacity to think long-haul, and hang in there and finish what they start.

Let’s take a look at the Destiny cards. Kid Cudi is a Ten of Clubs, Ten of Spades.

Jamie Baratta is a Five of Spades, Nine of clubs. They are not near each other in the life spread, but she is his moon card in the past life spread.

They are also both spades and clubs, which means they will understand each other, even if they don’t always see eye to eye.

It’s difficult to be with a ten of clubs person, as they are so independent and work focused that they cannot give their attention to a relationship. And to be a double ten, with the ten of spades, that just adds to the workaholism.

Kid Cudi smokes a LOT of pot, and he writes a lot of songs about it, so you know he’s trying to slow down, and trying not to be so tightly wound.

His first karma cards are the Jack of spades and the four of hearts, which means that he has karma around family and also around honesty.

Jamie Baratta, being the five of spades, is perpetually dissatisfied. Fives like variety in work, and also can pick fights with others. She is the five of fives. But being a spade allows her to understand Kid Cudi needing to work all the time. In the past life spread, he is her saturn card, so he may have had criticism for her. But she was open to that, as it was a past life Saturn connection, not a life spread connection.

Her first Karma cards are the ten of hearts and the Queen of hearts. This means she has to be careful not to misuse her love power, and also that she can get too preoccupied with sex.

In the life spread, their first connection, between his PRC and her birth card, is Uranus. Friends first, and always. Her PRC is his pluto card, and this means that in a way she represents another, higher level that he can attain. Pluto relationships can be long lasting because the pluto card person can fascinate the other person.

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