Relationships & The Cards: Amy Poehler & Will Arnett

Why did Amy Poehler & Will Arnett get together? And why did they split up after 9 years of marriage and two kids?

Will Arnett was born May 4, 1970, making him a Taurus Dog.
Amy Poehler was born September 16, 1971, making her a Virgo Pig.

Taurus Dogs are very stodgy and are not prone to sparkling conversation and wit. They can be crabby and caustic and boring.

Virgos can be prudish. Pigs love culture, love the glittering world, wittiness, and glamour. Not to mention FOOD!

Pigs and Dogs can play together, but they are not the best match. Pigs are better with refined Cats or artsy Goats. Dogs like to romp with determined Horses and crazy Tigers.

If two somewhat prudish people get together, what’s going to make them stay together? the kids? That’s not a good enough reason. They’re professional funny people, but you can’t keep the banter going all of the time. At some point you have to be real.

What do their destiny cards say? Amy Poehler is an 8 of Clubs and 6 of diamonds.
Will Arnett is a 2 of spades, 6 of clubs.

They are nowhere near each other in the life spread in the cards.

However in the past life spread, Will Arnett has Amy Poehler as a venus connection. This means that he has love for her from a past life. And when she left him, he was broken up for a long time.

Amy Poehler is a fixed card, which means it’s not easy for her to make life changes. She can be very stubborn. Her other card, the 6 of diamonds, is known for sometimes making romantic decisions based on money. She and will arnett have a past life mars connection, with his PRC of the 6 of clubs, and her first karma card of the 9 of clubs. But that’s not much to go on.

Will Arnett, as a 2 of spades, NEEDS a partner to work with, and indeed he and Amy worked on several TV series and movies together. He wants her back. He has been seen lately begging her to come back to him.

His 6 of clubs PRC is a card of determination and strength. As they both have sixes for their PRCs, it can make it difficult for them to talk about how they really feel. Sixes are also very competitive. It could be that they were subtly competing with each other in some ways with their careers.

It’s also possible that once Amy Poehler got famous enough, she decided she didn’t need Will Arnett anymore for financial security, so she decided to head out on her own. Or perhaps she was bored of him.

What do you think? Will Amy Poehler and Will Arnett get back together? Or should they just go their separate ways, and find someone more compatible with them?


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