Relationships & The Cards: Kate Middleton and Prince William

Kate Middleton was born 9 January 1982, making her a Capricorn Dog, 5 of spades, King of hearts. As a 5 of spades, this can make her in love with variety. However, as she has the King of hearts as her PRC, she’s much more marriageable than other 5 of spades. She will tend to act out her King of Hearts, also known as the “Loving Father Card.” She will be very interested in having and raising children, and is more than capable of being both mother and father to them.

Prince William was born 21 June 1982, making him a Cancer Dog, 9 of clubs, Jack of hearts. 9 of clubs are known for being very sexy, as their first karma card is the Queen of hearts. Jack of Hearts is known for being something of a playboy, though it is also known as the Christ card. This means that he may have to make sacrifices for family members. The Jack of hearts is one of the 7 fixed cards, which means that he has a pretty strong personality and life changes will be difficult for him.  It is interesting to note that both Kate Middleton and Prince William, being royals, have royal cards, Kate with the King of Hearts, and Prince William with the Jack of hearts. This will make them more comfortable in leadership roles.

William and kate
Prince William and Kate Middleton

What are their destiny card connections?

What are they like when they’re alone? Is this a marriage of convenience?

Their first connection is a venus connection. Prince William’s birth card, the 9 of clubs, is venus to Kate Middleton’s birth card, the 5 of spades. This means that they will love each other very much.

Their second connection is between Kate Middleton’s birth card, the 5 of spades, and Prince Williams’ PRC, the Jack of hearts. It is a sun moon connection. Kate is Moon to Prince William. This means they will have a lot of the same tastes, a lot of complimentary skills, and just generally feel very comfortable with each other. She will be supportive of him, and help him reach his goals. It’s one of the best connections for marriage.

Their third connection is between Prince William’s birth card, the 9 of clubs, and Kate’s PRC, the King of hearts. It’s a Jupiter connection flowing from him to her, which is another lovely connection for marriage. It will mean that he will love to give to her. As he is far more rich than she is, this is a wonderful connection for both of them.

Their fourth connection is between Prince William’s karma card, the Queen of hearts, and Kate Middleton’s PRC, the King of hearts. This means that Prince William is also moon to Kate Middleton. This is a lovely connection which allows him to let her take the lead and appreciate the things she is good at.

Their fifth connection is between Kate middleton’s PRC and Prince William’s PRC. In the past life spread, he is the Jack of hearts and she is the King of hearts, giving them a venus connection flowing from him to her, in a past life. This means that he will love her and love being around her.

It looks like this is NOT a marriage of convenience. This is a true love match for Kate Middleton and for Prince William. They both have found their perfect life partner.


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