What are your underlying cards?

And why should you care?

Underlying cards can tell you more about your personality. What does this mean?

As Robert Lee Camp writes:

Each card in your Life Spread has one Underlying Card, unless that card is one of the three Fixed Cards (8♣, J♥, and K♠). These underlying cards not only contribute to the meaning of the 13-year period the card governs (Mercury – Neptune only in this case) but also to the personality traits that come with that card.

In your life spread, your personality is laid out like so:

1. First, with your Mercury card (to the left of your birth card) describing your mind, and how you communicate (like the God Mercury),

2. Your Venus card (to the left of your mercury card) describing what you love, and how you love,

3. Your Mars card describing what you get angry about and what you have a passion about,

4. Your Jupiter card describing what comes easily and naturally to you, where you find pleasure,

5. Your Saturn card describing things you’re here to work on, your challenges in this life, sometimes the work you are known for

6. Your Uranus card how you are with groups and real estate, and

7. Your Neptune card describing your fantasies and dreams.

What does the underlying card have to do with these cards?

The underlying card might show you how you do these things. how you take pleasure, how you get angry, how you communicate, how you love, and how you work.

Do you see now why the underlying cards are important? These can show you not just WHAT you love but HOW you love, not just WHAT you’re here to work on but HOW you work on it.

Robert Lee Camp writes,

These are not so apparent but are referred to often in Sacred Symbols where they discuss the various Life Spread Cards.

For example, in their description of the Mercury Card in the Life Spread of the Q♦, which is a 5♥, they say, “There is a certain financial security in the early life which is not so dependable later on.” This is a direct reference to the underlying 4♦. They could have also said something like “Q♦ have a good organization (4) mind (Mercury) when it comes to money(♦).””

What does this mean in plain English?

So, how do we find your underlying cards?

Look at the Life Spread in your Love Cards book (shown below). This will show you each card for each period that we talked about above. If you’re the 6♠, your Mercury card will be the Queen of Hearts. Your Venus card will be the 10 of clubs. Your Mars card will be the 8 of diamonds. Your Jupiter card will be the King of Spades. Your Saturn card will be the 3 of hearts, and your Uranus card will be the Ace of clubs. Finally, your Neptune card will be the Queen of clubs.

Destiny Cards life spread
Destiny Cards Life Spread

Now, look at the Age 89 Spread of your first Karma Card. Those are the Underlying Cards taken from the Spiritual Spread.

So, for example, if your Birth Card is the 6♠, you would look up the Age 89 Spread for the 9♠, since the 9♠ is your first Karma Card.

There you would see, in Mercury, the 10♠ and in Venus, the J♠ and so forth. The 10♠ is the Underlying Card of your Life Spread Mercury Card, the Queen of ♥.

The J♠ is the Underlying Card of your Life Spread Venus card, the 10♣, and so on. In this example, the underlying J♠ in the Venus position could represent an affinity for partners (Venus) of high creativity, and possibly dishonesty (J♠).

Isn’t this fascinating?

Underlying cards show you not just what but how. And analyzing this takes you deeper into your life patterns, to show you what you unconsciously are valuing, what you are unconsciously interested in, attracted to, or what you unconsciously do.


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