Dating and the Cards: What you need to know

A letter from a reader:

“I am dating-And it’s really hard not to ask what people’s birthdays are within the first 2 dates!

I try to keep an open mind until I decide I want to go further with them. What would you suggest?”

This is a hard question!

However, the cards do not have EVERYTHING you need to know about someone.

So simply pay attention to how you feel around them. What they say, versus what they do. Do they complain a lot? Do they tend to take the view that the world is against them? Or are they actively and proactively working on their problems?

Pay attention to how you feel when you are on the date, and then after you hang out with them.

Maybe you feel good at the time, and then later you feel bad. Or maybe you feel so-so at the time, and then later you feel good.

Look at what you talk about. Does the conversation hold your interest?

Do you struggle to find things to say to each other? Or are you having a conversation that is flowing smoothly?

Do they like their work? If not, are they actively working to see what other work they could do?

Do your values match their values? Are you asking values questions?

So for example, what are some of the things they’re most proud of? Who are their heroes? Do they have life goals that match yours? Are they allergic to planning?  Are they financially stable? Do they have a clear deadline for their goals?

All of these things should be first, before the destiny card question. You can have some good connections with a card, but look at the person first. They have their own attributes that are JUST AS IMPORTANT to look at, as your connections in the cards.

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