Destiny card interpretations from the year 1740

The Destiny cards go way back!

Here is an excerpt of a book called The Square of Sevens, by Robert Antrobus-as told to him by George X, a “gypsy” as recorded in the text.

In it, he notes the different aspects of the card suits-whether you’re a heart, a spade, a diamond or a club you may find this amusing.

He writes,

“Antrobus describes the suits (or the energies of water, earth, fire and air) as follows:

Hearts: “the Suit of the Affections, Passions, Fancies and Feelings”.

Diamonds: “Condition in Life, Society, Wealth, Position and the Fine Arts; and contains many Comfortable Cards”.

Clubs: “the Judgment, the Intellect, the Will, and the Affairs of a Man’s Brains, and what he doeth of his own Mastery and Genius”.

Spades: “ever the suit of doubtful or worse Prognosticks; of the Events that arbitrarily fall to Man’s Lot, those things which hardly can any Prescience or Plans or Conditions of our own making amend. Thence is it that in especiall comes a serious, nay even a gloomy appearance to the Parallelogram”.

If you would like to read this whole 1740 work, The Square of Sevens, you may read it here

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