Divorce Alert: Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman

Will Kopelman and Drew Barrymore
Will Kopelman and Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman are getting divorced. How did they get together, and what made them split apart?


Drew Barrymore was born on February 22nd, 1975, which makes her a Pisces Cat, 3 of diamonds birth card and 9 of spades PRC. Will Kopelman was born July 7th, 1978, making him a Cancer Horse, 8 of diamonds and 10 of clubs PRC. They started dating in 2011, got married in 2012, have two children together and now, in 2016, they are getting a divorce.


I’ve loved watching Drew Barrymore ever since I saw 50 First Dates and Charlie’s Angels. She’s an incredible actress and producer from the 3 of diamonds creativity that she was imbued with at birth. Her dad never took much of an interest in her, despite being a famous actor. He dallied with an aspiring actress, and Drew was the result. This had a terrible effect on her early life, as she was pushed into acting at the age of 11 months, and then at 15 successfully sued for emancipation from her mother. She got a reputation for heavy drinking and drug use even from a young age, and was in and out of rehab facilities for much of her youth.

Now that she’s grown up, she’s founded a production company called Flower Films, and been able to be more responsible, have more lead roles, and become a wonderful mother. She even created, produced, directed and had a supporting role in the cult classic, Donny Darko.

What do her Destiny cards say about her?

Drew Barrymore has been married three times, and two of her ex-partners had the same birthday, June 2nd. This is significant because they were both Gemini 2 of spades, 8 of hearts. The 8 of hearts can make their partner feel like the most loved person on the planet. With the 3 of diamonds indecision around love (their first karma card is the 6 of hearts) this can be soothing to them. And it leads to a nice past life Venus connection flowing from Drew to her former partners. With the 2 of spades matching with the 9 of spades (Drew Barrymore’s PRC) it leads to a nice past life Neptune compatibility that allows her partners to see her as their dream woman.

As one of the most unmarriageable cards in the deck, Drew Barrymore as a 3 of diamonds is never happy. It’s all about how her shifting values work. As a 3, she’s interested in trying new things all the time, whether it’s relationships, ideas, or values. As a diamond, she cares about values, appearances, and money. When you combine 3s with diamonds, you get someone whose values are always shifting, making it difficult for them to be happy with what they have, or their motivations for doing things. This is a recipe for a person who decides to switch it up constantly, and who can be hard to live with for more stable cards.

With her 6 of hearts first karma card, she’s here to learn that she gets what she gives in emotional or love situations. As Drew’s PRC is 9 of spades, she also has the King of hearts as her first karma card, which means she will demand total control over the home scene. She can be sexy, but also strong enough to stand up for her children. The 9 of Spades is a Neptune card par excellence, meaning that she has a lot of fantasies and dreams about reality that lead her to behave in kooky ways. The 9 of spades is the 9 of 9s, meaning that her suit, Spades, contains all of the other Suits. 9 is about universality. Therefore Drew Barrymore is here to learn about Universal Love, Knowledge, Values, and Life. She can merge with the infinite. She can also wonder why her life always seems to be full of endings. Drew Barrymore might not get much satisfaction on the personal level, but she can receive satisfaction on a collective or universal level.


Why did Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman get divorced?

Based on their Chinese signs, my conjecture is that Will Kopelman was too independent for Drew Barrymore, and too interested in conflict. Horses don’t mind conflict. Some even thrive on it. Cats prefer to avoid conflict at all costs. Pisces Cats can be especially sweet on the outside, but inside there’s a steel core that’s ready to snap if you don’t toe the line. As a Cancer Horse, Will Kopelman would put her on a pedestal, and be upset when she didn’t live up to his ideals.

When Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman got together, he probably thought it was the best day of his life. Horses can be loyal, and Cancer Horses even more so. They tend to fall head over hooves in love, and give everything for the love object’s whims. It was probably hard for him to see Drew objectively until the honeymoon period wore off.

Based on their Destiny cards, the situation is more complex. In the life spread, all the connections were flowing one way, from Will Kopelman to Drew Barrymore.

Their first connection is a NEPTUNE connection flowing from his 8 of diamonds birth card to her 3 of diamonds birth card. Neptune is all about fantasies and dreams. He could not see her objectively until it was too late.

Their second connection is from his PRC, the 10 of clubs, and her birth card, the 3 of diamonds. It’s a PLUTO connection. That means that on some level Drew Barrymore represented what Will Kopelman wanted to achieve in his life. Maybe it was to be more creative himself, instead of just being an art dealer. He probably admired her movies, and wanted to get closer to her brilliance. As part of the Chanel family, Will Kopelman did not have to worry about money, so that would put Drew Barrymore’s fears about being used for her money at rest.

Their third most significant connection is from Drew Barrymore’s birth card the 3 of diamonds to Will Kopelman’s birth card, the 8 of diamonds, in the past life spread. A past life saturn connection means that Will Kopelman would see Drew Barrymore’s faults, and eventually say something to her about them that would probably hurt her deeply. When we choose to be with our Saturn card, it means that we want to change something in ourselves, and our Saturn card can help us do that.  Drew Barrymore was quoted as saying she was interested in her husband’s Jewish faith, and that she was experimenting with learning about that. That probably kept her 3 of diamonds creative inquisitive side occupied for awhile. She may have even seen him as her teacher in this area, which would help cement the bond between them without threatening her sense of professional competence or emotional dominion (King of hearts first karma card, remember!).

The fourth most significant connection is the fact that Will Kopelman’s first karma cards are the Jack of Spades and the Queen of Spades, and Drew Barrymore’s PRC is the 9 of spades. That creates a nice past life venus connection and past life mars connection between them, making Drew feel that she’s loved Will Kopelman before, and leading to a fun exciting sexual attraction for him. This is important to keep her interested, because as a 3 she can lose interest quickly and move on to some other love experience.

Will Kopelman’s 8 of diamonds (the SUN card) and 10 of clubs (the 10,000 horsepower mind) card along with his position in the crown line means that he’s a force to be reckoned with. He probably didn’t like being outshone by his wife, or emotionally manipulated by her. The 8 of diamonds can be an adept manipulator as well, and they probably had some serious power struggles due to his birth cards being power cards, and her first karma card being the King of Hearts.

This is why their marriage and relationship lasted for 5 years, which seems to be Drew Barrymore’s limit. Will Kopelman is lucky that they had so many good past life connections. But it seems that the 3 of diamonds’ thirst for new experiences, coupled with the King of Hearts first karma card made it time for her to move on. No doubt that the divorce was her decision.

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