Relationships and the Cards: Jhene Aiko and O’Ryan

o'ryan, Jhene Aiko and Nami Love
O’Ryan, Jhene Aiko and Nami Love

O’Ryan was born February 12, 1987, which makes him an Aquarius Cat, a King of Diamonds, Six of Diamonds.

and Jhene Aiko was born March 16, 1988. This makes her a Pisces Dragon, 7 of diamonds and King of Diamonds.

They had a child named Nami Love together, but are REALLY incompatible.

How does their incompatibility work? What made them come together, and fall apart?

Cats like O’Ryan the quiet, cozy life. Cats are cautious and avoid conflict like the PLAGUE. They like traditional romantic gestures, like champagne, flowers, and staid, respectable behavior. They hold on, sometimes longer than they should. They also tend to feel an ownership of the people they’re with. They don’t want to take second place.

Dragons like Jhene Aiko definitely create conflict. They like excitement! Jhene Aiko takes risks. They have strong opinions and are fire-breathing and lucky. They are magnetically attractive, which makes other signs feel a bit faint.


How do Jhene Aiko and O’Ryan match in the destiny cards?

They have a lot of connections, that for awhile, mitigated their basic Chinese Astrology incompatibility.

Jhene Aiko and O’Ryan have a match between his birth card and her Planetary ruling card, the King of Diamonds. The King of Diamonds is the master of acquisition. He can shrug off his enemies. He also wants what he wants and you had better not get in the way of what he wants. Put two Kings of Diamonds together, who is going to compromise? Well, apparently nobody.

However, when you get together with your same card, it’s a chance for you to love yourself, to love aspects of yourself that you have a hard time with. Whatever annoys you about them will probably be a flaw that you have too.

O’Ryan’s PRC is the 6 of diamonds, which is moon to her birth card, the 7 of diamonds. That means he would be there to support her, and she would lead in the relationship. This can be hard for a dominant man to take. Especially a King of Diamonds, I would imagine. If he wants to be someone, and they have to sacrifice for one of their careers, he won’t want to play second fiddle to her.

They are still friends, and this comes from the King of Diamonds and 6 of Diamonds connection – it’s a Uranus connection in the life spread which means friendship and allowing each other to be as they are.

Also, the first karma card of 3 of clubs for the King of Diamonds, and the first karma card of the 6 of diamonds is 9 of clubs, another Uranus connection in the past life spread.

Jhene Aiko says,

“A lot of people think my songs are about him and they’re not … When we had Nami, it was like we were already family. We weren’t together but we had always been friends. There are things we still have to work out but for the most part, I look at him and this is weird to say, but I literally look at him like a brother. It’s truly unconditional no matter who I meet. If I get married, he gets married, he has more kids, I have more kids, he will always be family.” That’s a Uranus connection for you!

Here’s a video featuring J’hene Aiko and O’Ryan. He tried traditional romantic gestures, and she basically tried to throw him off. He tried to keep her safe on her skateboard. She didn’t appreciate that. She has a scene where she’s a leather dominitrix and he’s NOT into it. Staid, respectable behavior, remember? It could never have lasted. She needs too much excitement. He needs too much peace and quiet.

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