Human Design Readings

Are you in transition right now?

Do you need some help with finding your direction?

Who are you really?

Where are you going?

Human Design can help you understand your own unique authority, your unique timing, and your process for making the best decisions in your life. This is a sample human design chart (pictured above)

Each person has a human design made up of three parts, astrology, the I-ching, and the 9 centered chakra system. Your design can help inform you on how you affect people, and how they affect you.

This system can help you find your direction, and come into acceptance about people in your life. It will show you the reasons why they do things. You’ll also learn the reasons why YOU do things, and how you can get clarity and freedom to truly embrace exactly who you are.

Before our session, you’ll need to send an email to with your birth data, including time and place of birth.

In our one-hour session we’ll cover:

  • Your strategy, and your life theme.
  • Your incarnation cross
  • Your top 4 keys to your personality, both conscious and unconscious
  • How you may affect others, and how others may affect you, and strategies for this
  • What you will be good at, based on indicators in your chart.

Destiny cards can inform our work as well.

To get started with your human design reading, use this button:

Then use this scheduler to set up a time to chat.

About the Human Design Reader:

Mazarine Treyz has studied human design since 2007, when she got her first reading. She has bought courses from the Jovian archive, and done many readings and read many books about human design. Recently she has also started incorporating Richard Rudd’s Gene Keys into her work with human design, to incredible effect. Your reading may also include some gene keys insights to help you understand your shadows and your gifts that you’re here to express in this world. Prepare to have epiphanies!

If you’d like to learn more about Mazarine, feel free to go here.