Relationships and the Cards: Amy Poehler and Nick Kroll

Nick Kroll to the left, Amy Poehler in the middle, unknown on right

Amy Poehler, after publicly splitting with husband Will Arnett last year, has a new man, who, she says, “Gets her.” but does he really?

Amy Poehler is born September 16th, 1971. She is a Virgo pig, making her the 8 of clubs, six of diamonds.

Nick Kroll is born June 5th, 1978, making him a Gemini horse, Queen of diamonds and 5 of hearts.

Already we can see problems brewing.

Virgo Pigs like loyalty, down-home living with lots of food and good times. Gemini Horses like to jet set, run around and be the center of attention. Pigs and Horses can be friends, but both are a bit headstrong to get along long term.

The main issue I see immediately is that Amy Poehler’s Six of diamonds has Nick Kroll’s birth card, the Queen of diamonds, as her neptune card. This is a good connection generally, as a third or fourth connection, but not as a first connection. This means that Amy Poehler cannot see Nick Kroll clearly, and he can pull the wool over her eyes. She’s starry-eyed about him, and sees him as her fantasy man. He may not really “get her” but because he’s her neptune card, he can fool her into thinking that he does get her.

Furthermore, it’s a life lesson for 6 of diamonds to not choose money over love. Nick Kroll comes from a very wealthy family. (His father, Jules B. Kroll, invented the modern corporate investigations industry when he founded Kroll, Inc. in 1972. Kroll Inc. was ultimately sold to Marsh & McLennan Companies for $1.9 Billion in 2004.) She could see him as someone who will provide for her, financially. Even though she is already rich, she could see him as someone who could give her even more.

Queen of Diamonds are known to have difficult relationships until they mature. Since he comes from so much money, he is looking for legitimacy in his chosen career. And he may find people don’t relate to him because his family is so rich. Amy Poehler is a much more famous comedian, and will be good for his career, and that’s probably what he’s thinking of. He wants to rise in his career.

Plus the 5 of hearts loves romantic variety. Can you see how this might be a problem for the ultra-loyal and pure Virgo Pig? Not to mention the fixed 8 of clubs?

In the past life spread, his Queen of Diamonds is uranus to her 6 of diamonds, so not really a romantic connection there. That’s more of a friend connection.

If you look at their connections overall, all of the connections in the life spread are flowing towards him. She probably likes him way more than he likes her.

His karma cards are the 3 of diamonds and the 4 of diamonds. This means that they have a past life connection that is good for sex, (Mars connection between the 3 of diamonds and the 6 of diamonds) and it may also mean that he might care about her a bit, as her 6 of diamonds card is Venus to his 4 of diamonds karma card in the past life spread. but this is a long shot as these connections are so much weaker than birth card or PRC connections.

Of course anyone that tries to tell Amy Poehler this will get rebuffed, because she’s a fixed card (the 8 of clubs) and it’s impossible to change her mind once she’s made it up.

What do you think? Is this just a career move on his part? Is she looking for even more money?

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