Relationships & the Cards: Jodie Foster and Cydney Bernard

Jodie foster cydney bernard
Jodie Foster & Cydney Bernard

At the recent Golden Globes Award ceremony, Jodie Foster came out of the closet again. The first time she came out was in 2007. She is gay, and had a partner named Cydney Bernard. they were together for many years. Why were they together so long? What was their compatibility?

First of all, Jodie Foster was born November 19, 1962, which makes her a Scorpio Dragon. This makes her an Ace of Clubs, Five of Clubs, and Five of Spades.

Cydney Bernard, her partner, was born March 30, 1953, which makes her an Aries Snake.This makes her an 6 of clubs, with a planetary ruling card of the 10 of clubs.

When Snakes and Dragons get together, ooh la la! Sexy!

Let’s look at their destiny card connections.

Their first main connection is between Cydney’s PRC, the 10 of clubs, and Jodie Foster’s birth card, the Ace of clubs. This is a jupiter connection, which means that they love to give to each other. It’s a wonderful connection for love and relationships.

Their second major connection is that Jodie Foster’s PRC, the 5 of clubs, is moon to Cydney’s birth card, the 6 of clubs, in the past life spread. this is one of the best connections for marriage. This helps them feel comfortable together, like they can truly be themselves with each other.

This was a true love match, for both of them. They raised two children together, and even though Jodie Foster didn’t want to be openly gay, by 2007 she finally admitted it.


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