Relationships and the Cards: Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling

eva mendes, ryan gosling
Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are an item! What are their destiny card connections?

Eva Mendes was born March 5, 1974. This makes her a Pisces Tiger, 5 of spades, 6 of hearts. This means she will be a very hard worker, and love variety in her life. As the 6 of hearts, she’ll also be able to keep her cool and not let people see the stress she’s under. Pisces Tigers are a mass of contradictions. Tigers like movement, going forward in life. Pisces like to sit back and commune with themselves.

Ryan Gosling was born November 12, 1980, this makes him a Scorpio Monkey, with the destiny cards of the 8 of clubs, 10 of hearts and Queen of diamonds. The fact that he’s a fixed card means that he’s not as easy-going as he appears. You can’t change the mind of an 8 of clubs. He may act more like his 10 of hearts PRC, which means he’ll be mightily attractive to the opposite sex, and love parties. This can also make him more shallow.

Scorpio Monkeys are never as calm as they appear. They are ALSO a mass of contradictions. Monkeys love to kid around. Scorpios hardly ever kid around. But both signs love sex. So as long as the Scorpio Monkey can have lots of that, they will be on more of an emotional even-keel.

Because they are both water signs, Pisces and Scorpio, they will be good together, each of them understanding the need the other one has for emotional closeness and space. Monkeys and Tigers generally don’t get along. Monkeys like to cling. Tigers like to be free. Monkeys also paradoxically need space. You really get more places with a Scorpio Monkey by keeping them guessing.

What are Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling’s connections?
Their very first connection happens between Eva Mendes PRC, the 6 of hearts, and Ryan Gosling’s birth card, 8 of clubs.

Their first connection is the Jupiter connection going from Eva Mendes to Ryan Gosling. This means that she will love to give to him.

Their second connection is between Eva Mendes 6 of hearts and Ryan Gosling’s 10 of hearts in the life spread. He is her Neptune card, meaning she can never see him clearly, and he represents her dream man. He is probably enjoying the attention, but she is also pretty jealous, so he might feel a bit claustrophobic in the relationship.

Their third connection is in the past life spread, where again Ryan Gosling’s 10 of hearts is jupiter to Eva Mendes’ 6 of hearts. This means that she likes to give to him, again, and that they can have a lot of fun together.

Their fourth connection is between her first karma card, the 10 of hearts, and his PRC, the 10 of hearts. This means that Eva Mendes is like Ryan Gosling in some ways.  This can also make for fights as she would be his mars card in the life spread. this karma card relationship can make them feel closer, and it can also make Eva Mendes feel annoyed by Ryan Gosling. When you’re in a relationship with your first Karma card, you see what they do and it represents all of these things you don’t like about yourself. When Ryan Gosling sees Eva Mendes however, she’s his second karma card, meaning that he likes her, she will represent things he likes about himself, things that come easily to him.

As you can see, all of the connections pretty much go one way. From Eva Mendes, to Ryan Gosling. This relationship will probably not last too long, but it will probably teach them something about themselves. That’s the joy of karma card relationships.

Rachel Mcadams and Ryan Gosling
Rachel Mcadams and Ryan Gosling

Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling hated each other and fought as soon as they met on the set of the movie, The Notebook. They REALLY did not get along.

Later, from 2005 to 2007, they had a passionate romance. How did that happen?

Rachel McAdams is a Scorpio Horse, born November 17th, 1978. Her birth cards are the 3 of clubs, 7 of clubs and 7 of spades. She will have more letting go in her life than other people, because of her two 7s. Because they are both Scorpios, they need sex for equilibrium. They would find each other similar in that way. Horses and Monkeys CAN get along, as long as they both allow each other their freedom. Scorpio Horses tend to put those they love on pedestals.

What were Rachel McAdams’ and Ryan Gosling’s destiny card connections?

In the past life spread, his birth card, the 8 of clubs, is Saturn to her birth card, the 3 of clubs. This means that he can act as a father figure to her, helping her be better in her career. But she has to be open to hearing his criticism, and doing better.

They probably fought in the beginning because Ryan Gosling, the past life Saturn card, was taking issue with how Rachel McAdams was acting, and he lost no time in telling her to straighten up. She, being a headstrong, emotional Horse, did not react well to that.

Their very first connection was the Neptune connection between Ryan Gosling’s PRC and Rachel McAdams’ birth card, the 3 of clubs. This means that she is his dream woman, and he can never see her clearly. this explains why they stayed together for two years, and why she even calls him now to help her get over heartbreak.

Their second connection in the life spread is a venus connection going from his second PRC, the Queen of Diamonds, and her birth card, the 3 of clubs. That means that he truly loves her, even though she’s the panic attack card.

Their third connection is his birth card, the 8 of clubs and her PRC, the 7 of clubs. This is a past life moon connection which makes them very compatible. Rachel will be supportive of Ryan, and he will feel safe with her.

Their fourth connection is between his PRC, the Queen of Diamonds, and her PRC, the 7 of clubs. She is also saturn to him in the life spread, meaning she would find plenty of things to criticize about him. This relationship helped them both be better.

What do you think of Ryan Gosling’s, Eva Mendes’ and Rachel McAdams’ relationships?


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