Relationships and the Cards: Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi

ellen and Portia
Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

Look at them together. What a beautiful couple.

Ellen DeGeneres was born January 26, 1958, which makes her an Aquarius Dog, Ace of Diamonds, 7 of clubs. Aquarius dogs can’t always be easy to get along with. They can be kind of snappy. But they are also of the St. Bernard persuasion, always a caring hand when needed. As an Ace of Diamonds, Ellen has always put her career first. Her 7 of clubs allows her to seek out spiritual knowledge, and to have true compassion for others.

Portia de Rossi was born January 31st, 1973, making her an Aquarius Ox, Nine of Clubs, Four of clubs. Aquarius Oxen can be virtuoso performers, extremely strong-willed and natural leaders. Coming out for Portia definitely affected her acting career, because of homophobia in the industry, but she basically doesn’t care. She loves who she loves and she will shout it from the rooftops if she wants to. This action is not typical of oxen but definitely typical of Aquarius Oxen, who do like to be different. (think of another Aquarius Ox, Peter Gabriel). As a nine of clubs, she will be super sexy. Her 4 of clubs will also make her interested in having a stable home, and building a life with someone. So even though she’s very sexy, she also is looking to settle down.

In 2008, Ellen gave Portia a 3 carat pink diamond ring, to symbolize their relationship.

What are their destiny card connections?

In the past life spread, they are easy to see. Portia is Venus to Ellen, being the 9 of clubs to Ellen’s 7 of clubs. This will create a sweet love connection flowing from Ellen to Portia. In the Advocate Ellen said, “I could say the same thing I’ve said in every relationship: I’m happy. But there’s happiness and there’s love, and then there’s completion.”

They have another connection in the past life spread. Ellen is Saturn to Portia, as the Ace of diamonds to her 9 of clubs. This means that Ellen can act as a teacher to Portia, and help her succeed if she follows Ellen’s advice. Ellen could also be critical, but Portia will be able to appreciate this. As Ellen is so much older than Portia, it’s easier for her to step into the teacher role.

Because this connection is in the past life spread, it is much easier to deal with than if it was in the life spread.

They also have a nice connection in the past life spread between Ellen’s 7 of clubs and Portia’s 4 of clubs. It’s a Mars connection, and past life mars connections are best for sex. Portia said in an interview in The Advocate, “I ran into Ellen at a photo shoot [in 2004] and she took my breath away. That had never happened to me in my life, where I saw somebody and [experienced] all of those things you hear about in songs and read about in poetry. My knees were weak.”

Topping this off with Portia being a very sexy 9 of clubs, you’ve got a couple who just can’t keep their hands off each other! No wonder their relationship has lasted this long, even in Hollywood.


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