Relationships and the Cards: Robin Williams and Marsha Garces

Robin Williams y marsha garces
Robin Williams & Marsha Garces

Robin Williams was born July 21, 1951. This makes him a Cancer Cat.
Marsha Garces was born June 18, 1956. This makes her a Gemini Monkey.

They were married from 1989 to 2010. They divorced after over 19 years of marriage and two children. What drew them together, and what pulled them apart?

Marsha Garces was first Robin Williams’ nanny, and he left his first wife to be with her, after she got pregnant. This is not the most auspicious way to begin a relationship, and yet they did stay together for a very long time, especially in Hollywood.

What are their destiny cards?

Robin Williams’ cards are the 7 of clubs and the 9 of hearts.

The Cancer Cat is a traditionalist, and a dabbler, and generally thinks that women are possessions, and that he can do as he likes. He also avoids conflict! You see how this affects his love life! He’s not likely to change.  When Robin Williams got Marsha Garces pregnant, he probably felt that he had to do the traditional thing, and get married to her.

The seven of clubs is the card of spiritual knowledge. They have a hard time sometimes seeing all of their problems as one of the main sources of their spiritual richness. Robin Williams probably was drawn to comedy and theater because of his personal issues (with women, drugs etc), as a place to work them out, and make people learn from his mistakes.

The 7 of clubs and 9 of hearts combination can make for a worried individual who loves to spend money, but who also has a big heart and wants to give to others. That’s the 9 of hearts side. 9s are givers, and this particular 9 likes to give love. Often to 2-3 people at a time. So the fact that Robin Williams got caught cheating so many times is really no surprise. In fact, it was rumored that his cheating with another woman led to the divorce. The 9 of hearts is also one of the semi-fixed cards, which can make them hard to live with, as life changes are hard for them to accept.

Marsha Garces’ cards are the Queen of Clubs and the ten of spades.

Normally, the Queen of clubs is considered unmarriageable. They are so hard to get along with, because they can be so impatient and mean with the people around them. However, having the 10 of spades planetary ruling card mitigates that factor, and makes this particular queen of clubs one of the most marriageable queen of clubs. The ten of spades is lucid about their own failings, works hard, and tries their best.

What were their connections?

They are nowhere near each other in the life spread, which is not a good sign.

They’re both clubs, so they have a past life saturn connection between his birth card and her birth card. She’s his saturn card, so she’s superior to him, and he can learn to be better by listening to her. But because he is both older and a famous film star, it is unlikely that he respected this direction for the connection.

Her karma cards are the 3 and 4 of hearts, which means he’s saturn and uranus to her in the past life spread.

This was probably an odd marriage, with much fighting and distance.

According to some onlookers, she was always criticizing him.

Monkeys and cats do not get along, and neither do Cancers and Geminis. and so, neither of them should really have entertained the idea of being together.



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