Relationships and the Cards: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Couple Alert! After starring in The Amazing Spiderman together, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone became a couple, even though they coyly do not discuss their relationship. Let’s break through the mystery, and see what their relationship is really like!

Andrew Garfield is a Leo Pig, born August 20th, 1983. He’s a 6 of clubs. Leos have no planetary ruling cards.

Emma Stone: She was born November 6, 1988, making her a Scorpio Dragon. This also makes her the Ace of Diamonds, 3 of clubs, and Queen of Spades.

Usually pigs and dragons don’t necessarily get along, as pigs like refinement and quiet, while dragons are known for being loud and brash and running around seeking attention. However, his combination of Leo makes him a louder, brasher pig than normal, and her scorpio makes her a less firey, more watery dragon. this toning up and toning down of their natural traits can make them more compatible. Scorpios are known for being suspicious and having scenes and fights. Leo Pigs are more than up to those fights! They have a sunny manner that is all cheer and goodwill, jollying the Scorpio out of his grumps.

What about their destiny card connections? Right away we can see that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield share a past life mars connection between her 3 of clubs and his 6 of clubs, which is perfect for a satisfying sex life.

The second connection we see is their karma card connections. Her first karma card, the 2 of diamonds is Andrew Garfield’s second karma card. This will make them have versions of the same traits. She might show some of the negative traits of the 2 of diamonds, not knowing how important financial partnerships are. he will show some of the positive traits of the 2 of diamonds, knowing how important partnerships are, creating good working relationships with others.

Another connection between them is his first karma card, the 8 of spades, and her Pluto card, the queen of spades. this is a Jupiter connection making him want to give to her. this is an excellent connection for a relationship.

So right now we know they share a very sexy connection, some similar traits, and love to give to each other and have fun together.

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