Relationships and the Cards: Jamel Debbouze and Mélissa Theuriau

jamel-debbouze-melissa-theuriauJamel Debbouze was born on June 18th, 1975.

He starred in the movie Amelie, among other movies. He also won the prize for best actor in his movie, Indigènes, at Cannes in 2006. These days he works at promoting promising comedians.

He is married to Melissa Theuriau, a news broadcast anchor. Melissa was born July 18th, 1978.

How are they compatible?

From a chinese astrology perspective, they are not compatible. Jamel Debbouze is a Gemini Cat, while Melissa Theuriau is a Cancer Horse. Horses and Cats generally do not get along, and neither do Geminis and Cancers.

But from a destiny cards perspective, we can see a lot more going on.

What are their destiny cards?

Jamel Debbouze is a Queen of clubs birth card, 10 of spades PRC. Melissa Theuriau is a 10 of clubs birth card, Queen of hearts PRC.

What does this say about their personalities? First of all, they are both tens, and both are also queens. This may cause a bit of friction as they are both headstrong people, but this also means that they will understand each other in ways that others can’t. Also, they are both clubs. Melissa is a 10 of clubs, and Jamel is a Queen of clubs. When a partner is the same suit as you, it means that you share some of the same outlook on life. Clubs LOVE the written word. They are always learning, and can be perpetual students. For them, you might say, that talking about something can almost be as good as doing it.

The Queen of clubs (Jamel Debbouze) can be known to be unmarriageable. They can be very impatient with those who are slow or dumb. But because Melissa Theuriau is a 10 of clubs, that won’t be a problem. The 10 of clubs can be hard to marry also, mainly because they are usually so involved with their careers and the public spotlight that they don’t make time for love.

But because Melissa Theuriau’s PRC is the Queen of hearts, this will mitigate her tendency to give everything to her career. She will be interested in having a family and raising children, and indeed, she and Jamel have had their first child together.

However, in Jamel’s case, because he also has the 10 of spades, he will want to follow through and accomplish things in the world. The 10 of spades is a hard worker, with possible workaholic tendencies. The 10 of clubs is a hard worker too. Both Melissa and Jamel will appreciate how hard the other one works to succeed, and give each other space to do so.

But now let’s look closer. In the life spread, (the more important spread), Melissa is the 10 of clubs. This means that Jamel is her Saturn card. He is 5 spaces down from her card in the life spread. This means he will be able to correct her and help her be better.

In the past life spread, the 10 of clubs and the queen of clubs are two cards apart. This means that Jamel is Melissa’s venus card. This means that she loves him, and wants to help him succeed.


Next, let’s look at the Karma cards. Melissa is the 10 of clubs. Her first karma card is the jack of spades. This means that in the past life spread, Jamel is moon to her.

But even more significant than this, because Melissa’s PRC is the Queen of hearts, this means that her other first karma card is the 10 of spades. This means that Jamel Debbouze is her karma card. She may see him as a challenge, and he will see her as a blessing.

Furthermore, because Melissa’s PRC is the Queen of hearts, and Jamel’s PRC is the 10 of spades, this makes him her Neptune card. This means that she has fantasies and dreams about him. He represents her ideal man. This can help keep romance in a relationship.

All of this adds up to a lot of challenge for Melissa Theuriau, but because they also have a venus and moon card connection, as well as a strong neptune connection, this will help balance out their interactions.

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