Why does Eminem have such a hard time?

Eminem, or Marshall Mathers, is an American rapper famous for having difficult relationships with women, specifically his ex-eminemwife, Kim. They met when he was 15 and she was 13, and had an on-again off-again relationship for several years before splitting up. Eminem is a Libra Rat. Rats like stability, but Libras often start fights. They seek partnership but don’t necessarily stay comfortable there.

Why do his destiny cards make for such a tortured personality?

Eminem was born October 17, 1972. This makes him the 5 of clubs birth card and the Ace of spades planetary ruling card.

5 of clubs is considered to be one of the most unmarriageable cards. Why?

Because it is perpetually dissatisfied. Fives are known as the number of man. They are here to have lots of different experiences. They want to travel, to do many different things, to have many different thoughts, and sometimes many different relationships. They want to do it all. This means it can be difficult for them to settle down with one job, one person, or one anything for any length of time.

Ace of spades simply means a desire for work. They put their work first, always. This can make having a relationship with someone difficult, as relationships often mean you need to work on the relationship, rather than your job.

Ace of spades men generally just focus on their work and forget about long term relationships. Ace of spades women try but often fail to have long-lasting relationships. One of the reasons for this is that their first karma card is the 7 of hearts. This means they are always on the look out for if people are disrespecting them. Eminem definitely has a problem with this, and he seems to be always looking for a fight.

Eminem’s mercury card, the card he communicates like, is the 3 of diamonds. 3 of diamonds is known to have one of the hardest life paths in the deck. It’s also a very creative card. He will be constantly thinking of new things, making new things, and wanting new ways to earn money. This also means he will have to find a way to calm his overactive mind. Rap may be a way to have a creative outlet for Eminem’s 3 of diamonds mind.

His first karma card is the 5 of hearts and his saturn card is the 5 of spades. Why does this make life more difficult for him? It compounds his dissatisfaction with one relationship or one lifestyle, one mode of work. It makes him almost like a triple five, because he’s already the 5 of clubs. Now he has the 5 of hearts, making it difficult for him to settle down with one person, and the 5 of spades, making it difficult for him to find one mode of living.

For all of these 5s in his life path, Eminem will be happiest when surrounded by many different kinds of people, being exposed to many different ideas, and able to travel and do many different kinds of things.

His pluto card is the 9 of spades. This card represents his lifetime challenge. How could Eninem find contentment? What is he here to learn?

The 9 of spades teaches us that Eminem could go universal for more satisfaction in his life, learning to give to others more readily, be more patient, and be satisfied in seeing their goals succeed rather than his own goals. Perhaps this is what his daughter represents to him.
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