Relationships and the cards: Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

johnny depp amber heard relationship
johnny depp and amber heard

Johnny Depp is a cat who just got out of a 14 year marriage with a Rat, Vanessa Paradis. Suzanne white says, “The game of cat and mouse is a game I would resist playing.” Both cats and rats have a hard time letting go of relationships. The relationship was probably over a long time before they both decided to let the other one go. What went on in that relationship is that they were both fixed and semi-fixed cards. Vanessa paradis is a 9 of hearts, a semi-fixed card, and Depp’s PRC is the King of Spades. These cards are part of a special family of seven cards that are all known for a fixed attitude towards life. Changes can be hard for them.

Now that Johnny Depp is free, he’s taken up with Amber Heard, herself just out of a long term relationship. She was resisting his charms, but for the entire month of September, he sent her flowers and a love poem every day. What are their connections?

He’s an eight of diamonds, king of spades Gemini cat, born June 9th, 1963.
She’s a queen of clubs, 5 of clubs Taurus tiger, born April 22nd, 1986. Again, it’s a may december romance!

Looking at their cards, it’s easy to see that all of the connections flow from him to her. No wonder he’s pursuing her. She’s his jupiter card. That’s the first connection between their two birth cards. This means he will love to give to her.

Their second connection is between his PRC and her birth card. This makes her his mars card as well. This can lead for passionate beginnings, but having a mars card as one of your first three connections is usually too intense for a long term relationship. Her PRC, the 5 of clubs, and his birth card, the 8 of diamonds, have a Uranus connection, which means that they would be friendly with each other, and neither would try to change the other.

However, his PRC, the King of Spades, and her PRC, the 5 of clubs, is a saturn connection, which means Amber Heard is going to see lots of flaws in him and hopefully help him change the direction of his life. However, since she’s so much younger than he is, and she’s not a fixed card like he is, it’s unlikely that Johnny Depp would take direction from her.

Their karma cards show a past life venus connection, between his second karma card, the 7 of clubs, and her PRC, the 5 of clubs, but apart from that, they don’t have much in common.

So even with their first connection being a jupiter connection, the combination of their next three connections makes me think that this relationship with so much mars and saturn energy, is not going to last.

What do YOU think of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s relationship?

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