Relationships and the Cards: Kenneth Branagh and Lindsay Brunnock

kenneth-branagh-wifeWe looked at the dissolution of Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson’s marriage. But what about his current wife, who has has been married to over 10 years? How are they compatible?

Kenneth Branagh married Lindsay Brunnock in 2003.

How does this relationship work?

Lindsay Brunnock, an art director, was born on January 1st, 1970. This makes her the King of Spades, and the 5 of clubs. Kenneth Branagh was born December 10th, 1960. This makes him a fixed card, the 8 of clubs and the 10 of diamonds.

WOW. If you thought Kenneth Branagh was a power couple with Emma Thompson, then you will go crazy over this marriage.

Why is this such a powerful marriage?

Because Lindsay Brunnock is a fixed card, the King of Spades, and Kenneth Branagh is a fixed card, the 8 of clubs. When these fixed cards get together it’s known as a power connection, and there is almost nothing they cannot accomplish.

They also share a nice past life mars connection between her PRC, the 5 of clubs, and his birth card, the 8 of clubs, which is great for sex.

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