Relationships and the Cards: Miriam Makeba and Stokely Carmichael

Miriam Makeba (born March 4th, 1932, making her a Pisces Monkey, 6 of spades Queen of clubs) is known as Mama Africa, and dedicated her whole life to working for the end of apartheid and civil rights for Africans and African Americans everywhere.

She was born in a South African jail, and spent her first 6 months there, as her mother was arrested for selling homemade beer, and no one had the bail money to get her out.

Harry Belafonte and Miriam Makeba
Harry Belafonte and Miriam Makeba

She became one of the most beloved and outspoken advocates for racial equality around the world, and befriended Nelson Mandela and Nina Simone, among other famous people. Indeed, it was Nelson Mandela who encouraged her to come back to South Africa, after years of apartheid were over.

When Miriam Makeba was beginning her career, she met Harry Belafonte in England, and he mentored her music career. He helped her move to the US and encouraged her to sing in different African languages and in Latin American languages too. (Although Makeba never sang in Afrikaans, stating, when Afrikanners sing my songs, I will sing theirs).

This was a karmic relationship, as his birthday is March 1st, 1927, making him a Pisces Cat 9 of spades, Jack of Spades. Makeba’s 1965 collaboration with Harry Belafonte won a Grammy Award, making her the first African recording artist to win this award.

They worked together for a long time, until they had a falling out. But their connections were extremely strong, and he was truly a blessing for her career, even though he was her first karma card, as the 6 of spades has the 9 of spades as the first karma card. She was a blessing for him as well, as she was his second karma card. Furthermore, his PRC, the Jack of spades, makes him her past life Saturn card, which would allow her to see him as her teacher, and he would make her a better performer. This he certainly did. They also had a past life mars connection, which meant they loved to work together and be active together.

Miriam Makeba and Stokely Carmichael
Miriam Makeba and Stokely Carmichael

Later, she secretly married Stokely Carmichael, (June 29th, 1941, making him a Cancer Goat, Ace of clubs, 3 of hearts). He was born in Trinidad and Tobago, educated at Howard University. Stokely Carmichael was one of the founding members and later president of the Black Panther Party. His message, Black Power, was taken up across the country, and he coined the concept of institutional racism. He was forced to flee the US after the assassination of Martin Luther King, because the US government felt he would be the next natural leader of the anti-racism movement and was going to assassinate him. The couple settled in Guinea and he changed his name to Kwame Ture.

The connections between Stokely Carmichael and Miriam Makeba are easy to see. His birth card, the Ace of clubs, is moon to her planetary ruling card, the Queen of clubs. His PRC, the 3 of hearts, has her Planetary ruling card as a venus card. Both of these connections are excellent for marriage. Her birth card also has his card as her uranus card, which means they would allow each other their freedom. And his PRC is saturn to her birth card, the 6 of spades. This may have contributed to tension between them later, as she might have seen him as criticizing her, even if he wasn’t.

Her popularity declined rapidly as white American people saw her as a political singer because of her marriage. At first she denied it, but she later embraced it, and was given passports by 8 different countries. Probably because of the difficult life and exile she had been forced into, she separated from Ture in 1973. She went on to be an activist for a number of important causes, and she was often called upon to sing at the independence days of different African nations, as they threw off their colonial governments.

She later recorded an album of healing music, called Sangoma, after the death of her daughter (Dec 20th Jack of Hearts) in childbirth complications. Below is a song from this album.

She won the Dag Hammarskj√∂ld Peace Prize in 1986, and in 2001 was awarded the Otto Hahn Peace Medal in Gold by the United Nations Association of Germany (DGVN) in Berlin, “for outstanding services to peace and international understanding”. She also received several honorary doctorates.

This fulfilled her Queen of Clubs personality card, to bring a message of healing and enlightenment to the world.

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