Relationships and the Cards: Errol Flynn and his Loves

When I was a child one of my favorite movies was Captain Blood. It was made in 1935, and it was the first big hit movie for Errol Flynn.


I had no idea, when I watched this movie, what an incredibly creepy man he was. Listen to the Dollop episode below for more.

Errol Flynn, born 20 June 1909 and died 14 October 1959. He made 35 films for Warner Brothers in 18 years. He was a Gemini/Cancer cusp Rooster. This makes him either a Ten of Clubs, 8 of diamonds or Ten of Clubs, Queen of Hearts. It’s hard to tell which one… I’m going to lean towards Gemini, with his fast-talking and array of jobs that he got bored of quickly. He was also interested in being in the spotlight, which makes me think he’s an 8 of diamonds. As the sun card, the 8 of diamonds loves the spotlight. 35 movies in 18 years shows that he didn’t shirk away from his leading man roles!  As two even numbered, powerful cards, he should have had a stable and successful life. But with a Gemini Rooster with no discipline and a hard upbringing with distant parents who were bad rolemodels, Errol Flynn had the craziest life imaginable.

For the 10 of clubs, one of their biggest issues is what they should do with their lives. He bounced around, getting into schools and getting thrown out of schools. He had jobs on ranches and he also tried thieving and got caught. He raped all sorts of young girls, and never had consequences for that, which was pretty awful. He didn’t star in his first major film until he was 24, after acting for just one year.

He was married three times and had scores of affairs with both men and women. This is because of his Mars and Venus cards in the 3 of hearts, which can often indicate an indecision around sexuality. His affairs and rapes made him end up with an impressive collection of diseases. He had Gonorrhea, TB, Hepatitis, Malaria, and started having regular heart attacks. At the time of his death (caused by a heart attack), the coroner declared that not only were most of his organs in advanced stages of disease, he had advanced cirrhosis of the liver. He finally said that this 50 year old had the body of an 85 year old.

Errol Flynn and Lili Damita
Errol Flynn and Lili Damita, his first wife, who got an INCREDIBLE deal in their divorce

Now we know a bit more about Errol Flynn. He obviously was a famous actor and lover. But who were his marriages to?

First he married Lili Damita in 1935, who was born on 10 July 1904. This makes her a Cancer Dragon, 5 of diamonds, 7 of clubs. Her cards meant that she would love the changes of scene that actors had to do, flying to exotic locations and taking vacations together. The 5 of diamonds just LOVES to travel. The 7 of clubs seeks spiritual knowledge. Dragons and Roosters get along well. They both want to look good. And as they were both diamonds, that would be emphasized even further.

What were their connections in the cards?

Their most significant connection is between Lili Damita’s planetary ruling card, the 7 of clubs and Errol Flynn’s planetary ruling card, the 8 of diamonds. The 8 of diamonds is the first karma card of the 7 of clubs, and the second karma card of the 8 of diamonds is the 7 of clubs. That meant that she would see him as a challenge, and he would see her as a blessing. This karma card connection could also make her find fault with him because she would see aspects of herself in him, things that she didn’t like.

With a past life mars connection between his planetary ruling card, the 8 of diamonds, and her birth card, the 5 of diamonds, she was extremely attractive to him, and vice versa. That could keep even someone like Errol Flynn interested for awhile. But soon enough he was having affairs again.

But Lili Damita got a deal where she got 10% of his earnings for life, and she had more sense than he did, so that meant that at the time of her death, while he died with a debt of a million, she was worth $10 Million.


Errol Flynn and Nora Eddington
Errol Flynn and Nora Eddington, his second wife.


Then Errol Flynn married Nora Eddington, born February 25, 1924. This makes her a Pisces Rat, King of Clubs, 6 of spades. This makes her very smart, and also very sensitive, as a Pisces, and nervous as a Rat. Pisces Rats crave security, and in the spot he was in his movie career during that time, he would have seemed like a safe choice for the Pisces Rat. However Rats and Roosters are NOT the most compatible signs in the Chinese chart. Can you imagine the tremendous ups and downs in the life of the rooster? That would not sit with with the Rat, who craves the middle-class way. Nor are Pisces and Gemini the most compatible. Pisces are all feelings. Geminis want to quickly move on from feeling to thinking and doing.

What were their connections in the cards?

Nora Eddington’s connections to Errol Flynn are easier to see, as he’s her venus card, from her planetary ruling card, the 6 of spades, to the 10 of clubs, his birth card. This means that she would truly love him.

And then, there’s a DOUBLE mars connection-First in the past life spread, between his 10 of Clubs and her King of Clubs-which would make him extremely attracted to her. A past life Mars connection is excellent for a couple, but as a main connection it can be dangerous.

THEN, because he’s a Gemini, he’s ruled by Mercury, which means that he’s the 8 of diamonds, and his planetary ruling card is Mars to her as well in the life spread. This is the worst place to have a mars connection. That means that he would make her angry, unless they were doing physical things together. Of course, with a personality like his, and affairs all the time, any reasonable person would get mad at him. It wouldn’t really take much.


Patrice Wymore and Errol Flynn
Patrice Wymore. Errol Flynn’s Third Wife, and Errol Flynn

Finally he married Patrice Wymore (born December 17, 1926) in 1950, and she left him in 1957. This makes her a Sagittarius Tiger, Ace of Clubs, 3 of diamonds.

Tigers and Roosters are not known for their tremendous compatibility either. But at least this time Patrice chose someone whose air could feed her fire, as the Sagittarius CAN get along with the Gemini.

What were their connections in the cards?

Patrice Wymore would be a more natural choice for Errol Flynn, because her planetary ruling card, the 3 of diamonds, was his lifetime pluto card and cosmic reward card in the life spread. That meant that she would be his reward for changes made, and it would also mean that he would be somewhat obsessed with her, and would see her as his critic. We often choose pluto card relationships when we know our lives need to change, but we need a kick in the pants to get going. The pluto card, if they are aware, can lead you to the next stage in your evolution.

Patrice Wymore’s birth card, the Ace of Clubs, was also Errol Flynn’s jupiter card, and mars card in the life spread. This means that he would want to give to her, and that she would make him angry without even trying. ON TOP OF ALL THIS, her planetary ruling card, the 3 of diamonds, has the 8 of diamonds as its past life saturn card. That means that she would see him as her critic as well.

This must have been a difficult relationship for both of them.

Her birth card, the Ace of clubs, would have his birth card, the 10 of clubs, as her lifetime cosmic lesson in the past life spread. They were clearly here to teach other.

However, he didn’t make enough life changes to keep her, as she left him in 1957.

This Dollop episode has more on the incredible and horrifying things that Errol Flynn managed to do in 50 years.

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