Relationships and the Cards: SRK and Gauri Kahn

Shah Rukh Kahn and Gauri Kahn
Shah Rukh Kahn and Gauri Kahn

Shah Rukh Kahn was born 2 November 1965. He is an incredibly successful Indian actor, known as the King of Romance. He’s a Scorpio Snake, which is a very sexy sign. His destiny cards are the 5 of diamonds, 9 of diamonds, and 4 of hearts. Being a 5 of diamonds, he loves to become new people constantly, like a snake shedding his skin with each new role. Some people say fives are unmarriageable, and I would say this is true except when they find an outlet for their love of variety in other things. And with Shah Rukh’s film career, he has found what he needs for many new experiences. Check out this video, there must be 6 different scene changes, clothing changes, and music changes.

The 4 of hearts can make him more devoted to home and family, and he will work hard to provide a loving, peaceful environment for them.

His first karma cards are the 9 of diamonds, Queen of Diamonds and the 4 of spades.

He may also act out his 9 of diamonds card more, which means he will have losses in money, and love, but if he takes a spiritual approach, he can overcome these difficulties and find peace with “Universal values.” Sometimes, because of the first karma card of the Queen of diamonds, 9 of diamonds can be disappointed because they expect to be treated like royalty and they often aren’t. Since Shah Rukh has had such a storied film career, and many people look up to him, he would be one of the few satisfied 9 of diamonds.

The 4 of spades can cause him to overwork, and indeed he has starred in over 75 movies since the beginning of his film career.

His second karma cards are the 3 of clubs, the 9 of hearts, and the 10 of spades.

Gauri Kahn was born 8 October 1970. This makes her a Libra Dog. Libra Dogs can be very sexy as well, and so independent that they often do not marry. She’s an Ace of diamonds, 5 of hearts. Being the Ace of diamonds also makes her independent, and it may be difficult for her to take in other people’s point of view. As a 5 of hearts, she likes variety in love.

Her first karma cards the 2 of diamonds and the 4 of diamonds. This means that she needs to learn through hard work. Her second karma cards are the Ace of hearts and the 5 of clubs. This means that she loves variety in love and is always learning.

Shah Rukh and Gauri Kahn have been together since 1984. And they have been married since 1991.

What is their relationship like?

How could a marriage between two such independent people work?

The first connection they have is between her birth card, the ace of diamonds, and his birth card, the 5 of diamonds, in the life spread. This means he is her neptune card. She can never see him clearly. He could easily cheat on her if he wanted to. But as you’ll see later in this article, he probably won’t do this.  He is her fantasy man. It can be lonely being on a pedestal, with someone who can never see you clearly. But obviously he loves to be adored, so perhaps this works out for him.

The second thing you should notice is that her PRC is the 5 of hearts, and Shah Rukh’s PRC is the 4 of hearts, which means he is moon to her. That means, as the sun card in the relationship, she is the leader. She can get her way most of the time, and indeed, on the cover of this magazine, she says, “Shah lets me have my way most of the time.” This is the best connection for marriage. It helps them feel close to each other, have the same tastes, and love each other.

Another thing you should notice is that her birth card is the ace of diamonds, and his birth card is the 5 of diamonds. This means that in the past life spread, they have a lovely jupiter connection flowing from her to him. She will love to give to him, which is an excellent connection for marriage.

Can you imagine it? Instead of running off and cheating on his wife, which we would expect in the US, he doesn’t! Shah Rukh Kahn is a sex symbol for hundreds of thousands of people, who is also content to do whatever his wife says. But that is just what their relationship is like. You cannot reverse a sun/moon connection. You can tell how devoted he is to her, in this picture.

As they have a good base to build on, being independent could work in their favor. As Shah Rukh goes all over the world, Gauri can have her own independent life as well, and when they come back together, they’ll be happy for all of the experiences they have to share of their travels and things they’re working on.

Check out the Satrangi Re video for more beautiful dancing from SRK!

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