Relationships & the Cards: Cassie & Nicki Minaj & Sean Combs

Wow. Did you see the new Cassie and Nicki Minaj “The Boyz” video? It’s sexy!

Nicki Minaj used to call herself bisexual, but just recently in Black Men’s Magazine, she said that she’s not bisexual, but she is attracted to Cassie, the star of her new video, The Boys.

Cassie & Nicki Minaj

Would this even work?

What is Queen Minaj? She’s the ten of clubs and the Ace of clubs.

What is Cassie Ventura? She’s born on August 26th, 1986. This means she’s a Virgo Tiger, and she’s the King of Hearts and the King of Diamonds.

This is where I start to think the rap industry is probably messing with me, because, Uh…. Cassie Ventura sings a song called King of Hearts. And…
now she’s rocking a suit in this video. And she looks sharp! No question!

Cassie and Nicki Minaj are pretty far apart in the destiny card system, BUT Nicki Minaj has a twin card, the 2 of hearts, which is moon to Cassie’s King of hearts. This is why Nicki Minaj is so attracted to Cassie.

However, Cassie and Sean Combs, aka P. Diddy, recently confirmed their romance. Will it work out? I mean, talk about May/December! he was born in the 60s! She was born in the 80s! How could this ever work out?

Cassie & P. Diddy

Looking at Diddy’s cards, he was born on November 4th, 1969. This means that he’s a Scorpio Rooster, and the 3 of diamonds, the 7 of diamonds, and the 2 of hearts.

He’s had a long and tangled romantic history. He has four or five kids by different mothers. He is not known for being faithful, or being able to keep a commitment in a relationship. Three of diamonds are known to have the hardest life path in the deck. It has been said that they are never satisfied.

However, with his Pluto card being the 2 of hearts, he’s moon to Cassie’s King of Hearts, and she is his venus card, as the King of Diamonds. This means she’s the leader in the relationship, and also, that he loves her.

So the rumor that they are going to get married is probably true. If anyone could make a 2 of hearts (the lovers card) settle down, it would be their sun card! Because he’s a Scorpio, he gets two planetary ruling cards, the 2 of hearts (pluto card) and the 7 of diamonds (his mars card). Because Diddy is moving into the second half of his life, he’s more likely to play out his Pluto card than his mars card, as he matures.

And as long as Cassie wants the relationship as well, then most likely it will continue. The King of Diamonds can get whatever they want. If she decides she wants something else, then she’ll do that. But right now, she likes P. Diddy. He probably makes her feel very special.

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