What does it mean to be a Diamond?


Diamonds are third in the cycle of the cards. Hearts represent love and childhood, Clubs represent adolescence, and Diamonds represent adulthood. They also deal with values, money, and desire. Diamonds make some of the best sales people, and also the best marks for sales people. You can talk with them long enough to help them change their values and make them desire what you have for sale.

“Don’t PATRONIZE ME!” was probably said by a Diamond. They really hate to be treated like children. They can be… unusually sensitive to people treating them as anything other than adults.

So, let’s say for example, you have a little brother who is a double diamond. When he was a baby, he was totally okay with you babying him. But NOW? He’s an adult and he does not want to be babied at ALL. And he resents any allusion to him being a child.

As a heart, it can be difficult to understand that. And if you’re the only heart in a family full of double diamonds, as I am, it can be even more alienating. Why is everyone so different from me? Why don’t they talk about their feelings more?

What’s this emphasis on looking good all the time? On doing anything in the cause of making money? This obsession with getting a deal on products? The obsession with buying status items? The obsession with high powered careers?

I have a 2 of diamonds as one of my karma cards, but I confess to being a bit confused about diamonds sometimes. If you’re a diamond, want to talk with me about it?

Diamond Keywords: Adulthood, values, money, desire


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