Relationships & the Cards: Katy Perry & her loves

How does Katy Perry choose who to love?

Russell Brand, her first husband, is a King of Diamonds, born June 4th, 1975. This makes him a gemini cat. His other card is the six of hearts.

She is born October 25th, 1984. This makes her a ten of hearts scorpio rat. Her other two cards are the ace of hearts and the three of spades.

Suzanne White says, “The game of cat and mouse is one I would resist playing” and here’s why. Cats and Rats crave security, but rats are very nervous, too nervous to soothe cats. Cats are aloof and rats like lots of attention. Some male cats can also be, shall we say, more interested in appearances than in actual love.

How did Katy Perry and Russell Brand get together? From a destiny card perspective, it’s all perfectly clear.

Their relationship didn’t last much past the honeymoon period because Russell Brand had a lot of illusions about Katy Perry. He thought she was his perfect woman, because she is his Neptune card. Neptune is the planet of fantasies and illusions. Russell Brand’s planetary ruling card is the 6 of hearts, and the 10 of hearts is neptune to this card.

Since he’s the 6 of hearts and she’s the 10 of hearts, it was a nice combination from a past life perspective. They liked to have fun together. Her planetary ruling card, the one she tends to exaggerate, is the Ace of hearts though. Combined with the six of hearts, the card that brand would tend to exaggerate, that spells trouble, because in the past life spread, he is saturn to her, and that’s their first connection. This means that she will often find things to criticize in him. When someone is our saturn card, we can look for ways to criticize, but what we really need to see is that they are helping us learn more about how to be better. It can be difficult to be with them, but it can also be transformational. most people can’t take the heat.

Because Brand is a King of Diamonds, nothing stands in the way between him and what he wants. It’s significant that he was the one who asked for a divorce, not her.

It’s generally hard for rats to let go of relationships, so you can be sure that Katy Perry tried her best to save her marriage. The fact that it didn’t work out is for the best, as cats and rats aren’t really the most compatible, and neither are scorpios and geminis. Since Katy Perry is so much younger than the men she dates, we may deduce that she’s figuring out who she is, just like everybody else in their 20s, and sometimes she can be manipulated by these older men.

Katy Perry’s new fling is with John mayer, who is born October 16th, 1977, making him a Libra Snake 6 of clubs, Queen of hearts.

They are pretty far apart in the life spread, but since he’s the queen of hearts and she’s the 10 of hearts, she’s got a nice venus connection going towards him, which means she has love for him that comes from a past life.

When you look at the body language in their pictures though… she looks a bit ashamed to be with him. This may just be a fling for her. What do you think?

this video represents her carefree funloving 10 of hearts nature.



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