Relationships and the Cards: John Lennon & Yoko Ono

John Lennon, Sean Lennon & Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono was born on February 18, 1933. John Lennon was born on October 9th, 1940. This makes John Lennon is a Libra Dragon, King of Clubs, 4 of Hearts. And this means Yoko Ono is an Aquarius Rooster 7 of diamonds, King of Hearts.

Let’s look at their birth cards and how they interact with their chinese astrology signs. Yoko Ono, as an Aquarius Rooster, was already pre-disposed to be wacky. Roosters tend to flash and preen and say Look at ME! Similar to Dragons. Then Aquarius tends to do the same thing, as the party sign, and the sign of madness and great power. When the two collide, you get a being who loves to be in the limelight, who has their ups and downs, but generally gets on with the business of being a professional weirdo. Add the semi-fixed card the 7 of diamonds to the mix and you get an even weirder person, as the 7 of diamonds is known for being odd, whether in bed or in other ways. As the millionaire’s card, it is often their wild ideas that allow them to soar where others merely dream of going.

Put all of this together, and Yoko Ono is one of the weirdest people on the planet, doing everything from performance art and avant garde singing to outlandish sayings.

Because John Lennon was a Libra Dragon, he was very much a performer, loving to talk, to sing, and to dress up and parade in front of people. He was also, by his own account and the account of his first wife, a violent man, which is why he advocated peace later in his life. Even so, when he had his infamous “lost weekend” that went on for 18 months until 1975, he tried to strangle the woman he was with. Because he was the King of Clubs, he was less likely to abuse his power than other kings, but he did abuse it.

John Lennon’s first karma cards are the 2 of spades and the 4 of spades.

When the 2 of spades is your first karma card, it means you will have trouble being in partnership with others, even though that is what you must do. This is especially true for a Libra, who is the partnership sign, and it’s true of the King, who thinks that others should do what he says, not be in partnership. He used to say that he only ever picked two partners, Yoko and Paul McCartney, and he felt that those partnerships turned out well.

Yoko Ono’s first karma card is the 2 of clubs. She is suited to being a loving father, as the King of Hearts, and she has an angry mind, due to the 2 of clubs. The King of Hearts can have complete control over the family scene, and when she asked John to stay home and be a house-husband when she had her child, he agreed to do so.

Because of John Lennon’s planetary ruling card of the 4 of hearts, he was quite content to be a house-husband for Sean Lennon, his son. He catalogued every day of the baby’s first year of life, meticulously. For the baby’s first five years, he was right there to take care of him, feed him, wash him, everything a mother would do. The four of hearts stands for the family, and home. It’s a lot like the sign of Cancer in the zodiac. And his first karma card being the 4 of spades meant he could also take working and staying at home to extremes, which he did do. For five years he simply stayed with his family, even though this was totally alien to the rockstar life and even “lost weekend” he lived for 18 months.

Why did John Lennon and Yoko Ono stay together? Well, Ono as an Aquarius Rooster loved the spotlight, and money, and weirdness, all of these things that John could provide in spades. John loved that Yoko as the King of Hearts put down rules in the household, this spoke to him as a four of hearts, and in a lifetime of being a professional musician and celebrity, he relished the chance to have some emotional boundaries. When he did not have those boundaries, he went off and drank and did drugs and abused other people, so when he came back in 1975 he knew that he needed Yoko’s boundaries to be productive and happy.

Yoko and John did not have a lot of connections in the life spread. However, Yoko’s cosmic soul twin card, the 9 of hearts, the card that she changed places with every year, allowed her to have John Lennon as a pluto card. When you’re in a relationship with your pluto card, it tends to be longer lasting. Like a Saturn card, but taken to a higher octave.

They also both had twos as their first karma cards, which meant that they would be similar in certain ways, that partnership would be difficult for them, but necessary, and it’s possible that in each other, they found a true partnership.

As an aside, Paul McCartney was John Lennon’s moon card, the Queen of clubs. This is why they fought so often, because John wanted to lead the group, while Paul also wanted to lead it. If they had only known about the destiny cards, Paul would have been able to realize that John would never follow him.

As another aside, John Lennon and George Harrison shared the same birth card, the King of clubs, but George Harrison was a Pisces Goat, and so was also the 6 of spades. This also explains why he was comfortable letting the other two take the lead. Pisces Goats love to cling. George Harrison did not mention John Lennon in his autobiography, and John was hurt by this. But as another King of Clubs, he would not have been as affected by Lennon as McCartney was.

What do YOU think of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s partnership?


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