Relationships and the Cards: Skrillex & Ellie Goulding

Skrillex and Ellie Goulding

Skrillex and Ellie Goulding were a couple for part of 2012, some people say it was 7 months, some say it was for a year. When they broke up, they cited that it was too hard to make a long distance relationship work.

What was going on there? Is Skrillex really gay? Was this a fake relationship?

Skrillex was born January 15, 1988, which makes him the Queen of Diamonds and seven of clubs, which makes him a Capricorn Cat.

Ellie Goulding was born 30 December 1986, which makes her the Ace of Hearts and three of spades, Capricorn Tiger.

What attracted them to each other? How did their relationship work?

First, looking at their astrological connections, Cats and tigers don’t have lots of reasons for being together. Capricorns will certainly understand each other, but it may be hard to get comfortable together, as they are both so focused on their work.

Ellie Goulding: Being an ace of hearts would make it difficult for Ellie Goulding to be with anyone, as her card simply represents a desire for love. Like the Ace of spades desire for work, which can preclude love affairs, the ace of hearts desire for love is compounded by their first karma card, the ace of diamonds. Which means they are perfectly okay with being alone.

Combine this with the 3 of spades planetary ruling card, it’s difficult for her to be with someone, as the 3 of spades has a lot of uncertainty around love, and tends to make complicated emotional situations. One thing that can soothe a 3 of spades is a lot of artistic output.

Skrillex: For Skrillex, the Queen of Diamonds, it’s not easy for him to be with someone either. The Queen of Diamonds has a difficult life emotionally, as they have so many odd cards in their life spread, and specifically threes. The first few years of their lives are difficult, as shown by the 5 of hearts, which indicates changes of heart. You see this with Skrillex having difficulty in school due to bullying, and then finding out that he was adopted. This was just the first 13 years of his life.

Skrillex’s venus card is the three of clubs. This means creativity in their minds, but the three of clubs is also known as the panic attack card. This represents him until age 26.

Then his mars card is the three of spades, which is the artist card, but also the emotional drama card. He is about to move into this period, which he will stay in until his 39th birthday.

One way for the Queen of Diamonds to find peace is to think about what makes them happy. After age 39, Skrillex is ruled by their Jupiter card, which is the 9 of hearts. 9s are givers, and this means he can finally find peace through giving to others and being a philanthropist. Queen of diamonds shows love through spending money. That is what diamonds value, as a suit. Your worth is represented through the money that you make.

So what was the real story between Skrillex & Ellie Goulding?

When we look at the Ace of hearts and the Queen of Diamonds together, we see lots of reasons for them to be together. This was a true love connection for Ellie Goulding, mixed with a lot of fantasies and dreams.

The first connection between Skrillex and Ellie Goulding is a venus connection flowing from her birth card to his birth card. Their second connection is a Neptune connection from her birth card to his planetary ruling card. Neptune represents fantasies and dreams. And their third connection is another venus connection flowing from her PRC, the 3 of spades, to his PRC, the 7 of clubs in the life spread. They have so many good connections that you can see why their long distance relationship lasted as long as it did.

The main connection Skrillex had for Ellie Goulding was the mars connection between his birth card and her planetary ruling card. These are not all of their connections, for sure, but it’s not the easiest connection to have with someone. It can lead to a lot of fighting if you don’t do a lot of activities together. And being in a long distance relationship would mean you can’t do a lot of things together.

They are young, and they certainly had deep feelings for each other, and perhaps, when they get older, they will come together again.

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