Relationships and the cards: Bill Murray and Jennifer Butler

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Bill Murray & Jennifer Butler

Bill Murray was born on September 21st, 1950. His former spouse, Jennifer Butler, was born on May 11th, 1966. Tiger and Horse! It’s working! And Bill Murray is a Virgo, and Jennifer Butler is a Taurus. Two earth signs! Match made in heaven, right?

Well, not if you have unresolved personal issues.

They were married for 11 years, then Jennifer Butler divorced Bill Murray, citing domestic violence, and drug, alcohol and sex addiction. And I believe her.

What’s the story with the destiny cards?

Bill Murray’s cards are the 3 of clubs and the 3 of spades.

Bill Murray’s birth card, the three of clubs, is very fearful, but for the ones that have conquered their inner demons, you will rarely find them married. They love variety (5 of diamonds first karma card) too much to be tied down to one person.

Three of clubs is known as the panic attack card, the writer’s card, and the three of spades is known as the nutjob card. They have to have a level of personal drama in their lives, unless they have an artistic outlet. I have known three of clubs who have to talk out absolutely everything. To have two threes, both as your planetary ruling card and as your birth card, can make for an unstable individual. UNLESS! Unless the person is dedicated to knowing themselves, and working to be better at relationships. You don’t have to stay the same way your whole life. You can evolve.

Jennifer Butler’s cards are the 8 of diamonds and 3 of hearts.

The eight of diamonds is known as the sun card, the big spender.They have big hearts and big smiles and love to give to others. They can also be counted on to be responsible with the estates of their parents, even if they aren’t good at holding onto their own money. The eight of diamonds is an even card, which means they are more stable than odd cards like threes. She also sits in the center of the crown line, which means she loves the spotlight, too.

The three of hearts is the card of romantic variety and uncertainty. The fact that she and bill murray were both threes probably made them feel similar to each other.

But the fact that she loves the spotlight, combined with the fact that her husband was more famous than she was, was bound to create some friction.

Their Connections:

They are nowhere near each other in the life spread. According to their karma cards, in the past life spread, there is a mars connection flowing from bill murray’s first karma card, the five of diamonds, to Jennifer’s birth card, the eight of diamonds.When you have a mars connection in the past life spread, this is good for sex. If Bill Murray does have a sex addiction, this could have been enough to keep him interested for some time.

Bill Murray’s second karma card is the Jack of diamonds, which is another past life mars connection for Jennifer’s 8 of diamonds card. This means that she would be attracted to him too.

Then there’s a venus connection flowing from bill murray’s PRC’s first karma card, the six of diamonds, to her birth card again.  That also would have been enough to keep him interested for awhile.

Her second karma card, the 7 of clubs, is venus in the life spread to Bill Murray’s 3 of spades PRC. So that means that there’s another venus connection flowing towards her from him.

However, no matter how many weak, yet good connections that they had, they couldn’t overcome Bill Murray’s basic personality defects. He has to be willing to see them, and he has to be willing to change.

This is why I believe Bill murray really did beat, abuse, and otherwise hurt Jennifer Butler.

What do you think?


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