Why did Christopher Dorner really kill?

Christopher dorner
Christopher Dorner wanted, $1M reward

Christopher Dorner, one of the most wanted fugitives in the US, is now holed up in a cabin around Big Bear, California.

Dorner wrote a long manifesto justifying his murders, as part of a pay-back for him being fired from the police force. This document also was intended to make his former colleagues afraid, as he told them he was coming for each one of them, and he knew where their children went to school. It ended as a rambling praise to some celebrities and his friends, mourning that he could not live to see the third instalment of Hangover. He also, ironically, calls for gun control, and says he should not be allowed to shoot all of the people he’s going to shoot.

It is completely bizarre.

What do Christopher Dorner’s destiny cards, both his birth card and his cards for this period, tell us about him and his personality?

Christopher Dorner was born on June 4th, 1979. This makes him a Gemini Goat. His birth card is the King of Diamonds, which is the one-eyed master of desire. That means that whatever the King of Diamonds wants, he goes after, and he certainly doesn’t care about the morality of the situation. He simply needs to have whatever he wants, and he goes about making sure that he gets it.

For Dorner, he got awards for marksmanship, and then once he didn’t have his job on the force anymore, he decided he wanted revenge. And he decided who he wanted to murder, and set about that task. Why did he not feel remorse? Why does he think that murdering innocent people is right?

For a King of Diamonds, what is important is simply getting what he wants.
If he had wanted to start a new career, or travel somewhere, he would have done that with the same dogged tenacity.

It is sick and wrong, what he is doing, and the destiny cards explain why he is completely disinterested in the laws of society.

The shootout between Dorner and cops
Christopher dorner’s cabin

What do the odds look like for Dorner in the next few days?

His card for this planetary ruling period, his Saturn period, is the King of Spades. That means that whatever he wants, he is sure to receive. This period ends on February 20th.

That means that this curious invulnerability he has is almost at an end. What is the card for his next period, the Uranus period? It’s the Ace of Spades, which often means transformation or death.

In this case, obviously, it’s likely that Dorner will be shot through the window of the cabin where he is purportedly hiding out, and this will be the end of his murders and his life.

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