Why study the destiny cards?

“No one who is being himself is going to be approved of all the time. The whole world could love you, but if you do not love yourself, you would not even notice. The opposite is also true – the whole world could disapprove of you, but if you love yourself, you would not even notice. Accept yourself within you and the entire world becomes totally acceptable.” – Bartholomew

Accepting the self within you means you never again have to say, “That is unacceptable”

The destiny cards help you accept yourself, and others. When you know that you’re the only 8 of hearts or 6 of spades in the room, you stop expecting other people to act like you, or be anything other than what they are.

It puts you in a position of strength, a position to say, “yes, this is me” or “no, this is not me.” It helps you define your work. It helps you define what you’re good at, and let go of what you’ll never be good at. It allows you more patience with friends or family or anyone else you meet.

Studying the destiny cards has given me such peace. I would love to share this peace with you.

Get a reading and let’s explore your journey together!

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