Amber Rose calls Wiz Khalifa the love of her life, even though he cheated. What’s going on?

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose
Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose

Amber Rose was born on October 21, 1983, making her a Libra Pig. She’s an Ace of Clubs birth card, with a PRC of the 10 of spades.

Wiz Khalifa was born September 8, 1987, which makes him a Virgo Cat. His destiny cards are the 3 of diamonds and the Ace of spades.

Amber Rose walked in on Wiz Khalifa having a threesome, with twins.  She promptly filed for divorce, citing “Irreconcilable differences.” But lately she’s been singing a different tune.

Now she wants to get back together with Wiz, supposedly because she heard the song below. But what’s the real reason?

Why does she want him back so badly?

As a Libra Pig, she believes in keeping the peace, and she wants her children to see their father. Wiz as a cat may see women as his property and playthings, not necessarily as equals. This can infuriate a Libra Pig. So the astrological signs don’t really tell the whole story.

So what are their destiny card connections?

As her birth card is the ace of clubs, she’s connected to Wiz first by his birth card, the 3 of diamonds. He’s her Saturn card. That means he represents things she wants to achieve, and he’s always encouraging her to be better. This can be hard to have as a first connection with someone. Most people don’t want to be improved. Yet, because Amber Rose chose to be with two creative rappers (Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa), she consciously or unconsciously wants more of that creative energy in her life. Perhaps she, too, could sing or write poetry. As an ace of clubs, she’s here to learn

The second connection between Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa is a Venus connection from her PRC, the 10 of spades, and his birth card, the 3 of diamonds. This means that Amber Rose will love Wiz Khalifa and want to be hedonistic with him.

Their third connection is between Amber Rose’s PRC, the 10 of spades, and Wiz Khalifa’s PRC, the Ace of Spades. It’s a Mars connection in the life spread, which can make hot sex if you like the fight and make up kind, but unless they do physical things together on a regular basis, they are not going to get along long term. It’s just too much Mars energy. Mars needs physicality or they will fight and break up again.

Their fourth connection is between Amber Rose’s Birth card, the Ace of Clubs, and Wiz Khalifa’s PRC, the Ace of Spades. It’s a Uranus connection. This means that she allows him to be his own person and go his own way. She lets him have his space. It’s more of a friendship connection than a relationship connection. But it could also explain why he had a house to himself that she didn’t live in, and how she found him there with other women.

All of the connections are flowing one way, from Amber Rose, to Wiz Khalifa.

That means that Amber Rose will want to get back with him, but he isn’t really connected to her as much as she is to him.

And unfortunately Wiz Khalifa is unmarriageable. His two cards, the 3 of diamonds and the ace of spades mean he’s excessively focused on work, to the exclusion of all else. The 3 of diamonds means he is always unhappy. Nothing can make him happy. But he keeps trying to be happy with various creative pursuits, or various women. He’s not interested in monogamy or a stable family life.

Amber Rose should just move on. This relationship is going nowhere.

What were Amber Rose’s connections with Kanye West?

Kanye West was born June 8, 1977, making him a Gemini Snake, 9 of diamonds and Seven of spades.

He and Amber Rose shared a past life mars connection together between his seven of spades and her 10 of spades, very nice for satisfying sex. They were both spades, so they could understand each other on that level, the need to work, and the importance of work.

Wiz rapped about Amber on this song, See You Again


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