Relationships and the Cards: Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill

Nicki minaj, Meek Mill dating
Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill

Is it true? Is Nicki Minaj really engaged to rapper Meek Mill?

If they are in a relationship, what are their connections?

Meek Mill was born on May 6, 1987, which makes him a Taurus Cat.

Nicki Minaj was born December 8, 1982, which makes her a Sagittarius Dog.

Dogs and Cats can actually get along quite well together. Dogs crave security and a stable home life, and Cats love to be there when the Dog gets home, as long as they can have plenty of alone time as well.

Taureans are known to be warm customers, relaxed and sensual. Sagittarians are known to bounce around the world and espouse causes and generally let their career take first place in their lives.

What happens when earth and fire get together? Well, not always scorched earth! Sometimes the earth sign is just the grounding energy that fire needed. And sometimes the fire gives the earth a boost.

What are their destiny card connections?

Nicki Minaj’s destiny cards are the 10 of clubs and the Ace of Clubs. There are more famous people of the 10 of clubs than any other card, because they start their life in the crown line. As a double club, this can make Nicki tend to overthink love. And because her PRC is a semi-fixed card, she shares a connection with the 2 of hearts. It can make her ideals of love too high for many to reach. It can also make her extremely attractive, and the perfect lover, but not necessarily the perfect long term partner. Whoever has a relationship with her must know that her career comes first, as a 10 of clubs.

Meek Mill’s destiny cards are the King of Diamonds and the Four of Clubs. If anyone could handle a 10 of clubs, it would be a King of diamonds. (or a Queen of hearts, in a more hands off way.) As a King he will want to rule, and I forsee some power struggles between these two. As a King of diamonds he pretty much gets what he wants. And money is important to him. As a four of clubs, he values stability, and works hard for the money he makes.

Right away we can see that they’re both clubs, which gives them a certain mutual understanding. They both love learning. They both get how words are important.  They both rap and sing. Below you’ll see a song they did together.

Because Nicki Minaj’s PRC is the Ace of Clubs, and his PRC is the Four of Clubs, this gives them a nice past life mars connection, which is great for sex.

They have a vertical Venus connection between her PRC and his birth card, the King of diamonds. This connection also makes him her vertical Saturn card. He can remind her of how she can be better.

They also have a diagonal mutual Venus connection between his 4 of clubs and her Ace of clubs. Again, a wonderful connection for marriage.

In terms of Karma cards, his first karma card as the King of Diamonds is the 3 of clubs, and as the 4 of clubs, his first Karma card is the 5 of clubs. This means that Nicki has yet another Venus connection with him in the past life spread, from her Ace of clubs to his Three of clubs.

There’s also a nice Jupiter connection between her Ace of clubs and his 5 of clubs Karma card. This means he’ll like to give to her. Then she’ll give back to him. A Jupiter connection is perfect for marriage.

So, will this last? QUITE POSSIBLY!



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