Get a Reading!
Get a Reading!

Thank you for buying a reading from DestinyCardReadings.com!

It was my pleasure to perform a reading for you.

Now that you’ve had your first reading, what else could you get a reading about?

Around your birthday-

What will this year hold for you?

Around work or home-

Why can you not get along with this person?

How can you smooth a difficult family or work relationship?

Around business deals-

Who is this person you’re about to make a deal with?

Are they trustworthy? How can you get more out of this partnership?

Human Design Readings:

I also perform Human Design chart readings (using the I-Ching, Astrology, and the Chakra system combined to give you a full 360-degree perspective of your chart and life) which can be quite illuminating for compatibility and personality readings too.

Looking forward to reading for you again soon!

Since you are a treasured client of Destiny Card Readings,

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Once you’ve used the link above, email me at info at destinycardreadings.com and let’s set up your next reading!


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