Relationships and the Cards: 5 of hearts, freedom vs “slavery”

Ah the mysterious 5 of hearts!

They are here to have experiences of the heart variety. That means they are looking for some perfect love, aka a person who will give their body and never tie them down.

Guess what?

That person will probably not be in their life, because that requires a large degree of trust to allow someone that much freedom. And you can’t build trust if you don’t know how to build a relationship. Trust and relationships go hand-in-hand. Due to their position in the Saturn line with lots of odd numbered cards, the 3 of spades in venus for example, this person will blame their relationship problems on the other person, instead of looking at themselves and asking themselves, what is it in me that could be better in my next relationship?


What’s behind this?

When you come into this life as a heart, it doesn’t mean you know everything about relationships. It means you are here to learn about life through the vehicle of relationships, just as a diamond is here to learn about values, a spade is here to learn about work and lifestyle, and a club is here to learn about knowledge and words.

So when you meet a diamond, asking them about VALUES and MONEY can be very helpful to them. And it can tell you if they are aware that this is one of the things they are here to examine. Asking a Spade about the details of their WORK or LIFESTYLE can be satisfying for them to talk about. And they might have an awareness that work is one of their key themes in this life. Asking a Club about their IDEAS can make them happy.

And asking a heart about their RELATIONSHIPS can help you get a sense of where they are, in relation to knowing that this is a key and core issue for them. If they talk about their family, you know they have a sense that relationships are important. If they do not consciously work on their love issues, if they have never been to therapy, for example, after some abusive home life, that’s not a good sign. Hearts are here to love, to show love and be love. And if they can’t do the work of understanding love, it will be hard for them to be satisfied in this lifetime. They are also here to learn about life through art and beauty, children, marriage, feelings and emotion.


What about 5s?

5s are here to experience variety. And the 5 of hearts has the 5 of clubs as its second karma card, which makes it even more changeable than other fives. So they will love to travel, love to run around, and detest rendering accounts.

So for the 5 of hearts, they can be completely oblivious about love, or how to build a relationship. Perhaps it’s because of a lack of planning, they hate to plan, they love to be spontaneous, and they are allergic to anything that even smells like tying them down.

They are simply oblivious about love, because that is what they are here to learn.

They might go through 5-6-7 relationships and wonder “Why won’t this person give me my freedom?” each time.

The reason the person won’t give you your freedom is that your definition of freedom (not slavery) is a very narrow one.


How could a 5 of hearts deliberately build trust if they wanted to?

They could make an effort to be consistent and build trust through repeated meetings. They could ask their partner what they felt was missing. They could engage on more than one level, not just the physical level. They could look at what the person was interested in, and attempt to ask them good questions about their life. They could ask themselves, how could I be better in this moment? And they could ask the person that question also. They could channel their love of variety into new friendships, or into new places to go with their loved one, instead of multiple sexual partners.


Could the 5 of hearts find true lasting love?

They would have to decide that they wanted to experience that. They would have to be very clear about what that looked like for them. And they would have to find someone who had the same interests in freedom that they did. They may or may not decide to ever want that. And that is good too, to have experiences your whole life, of the variety of different kinds of relationships in this world.

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