Relationships and the Cards: Drake and Jennifer Lopez

Drake reacting to seeing J-Lo on the stage

Here’s a picture of Drake seeing Jennifer Lopez on stage during an awards ceremony in December 2016.

He’s a HUGE Jennifer Lopez fan, and now people are saying how they might be having a fling!


Jennifer Lopez was born August 24th, 1969. Drake was born October 24th, 1986.

Is this for real? Is it true love?

Jennifer Lopez is a Leo Rooster, 4 of clubs. She has that gorgeous, unstoppable beauty and talent that Roosters are known for. She falls only to rise again. She can be abrasive but also sweet and kittenish with those she loves. She’s also got enough power to be the boss, as a Leo. And as a 4 of clubs she’s made for hard work. Her life path is successful, and she’s a stable person. She’s had a couple of marriages but she won’t rush into something with the wrong person. She’s happy with herself. Her first karma card is the 5 of clubs, which means she can be more restless than she realizes. Luckily her career as an actress, singer, dancer and entertainer allows her to travel all over the world, satisfying her wanderlust. Her second karma card is the 6 of hearts, which means that she knows the law of love, and will do her best to give the person she’s with her all.

Drake is a Scorpio Tiger, Jack of hearts, 2 of hearts and 2 of diamonds. The trouble with Jacks of Hearts is that they can be very fixed. Life changes are hard for them.  They can also be immature, even though they do want to have the privileges of the royal family, because they’re a Jack. That means they can be a playboy with lots of women, and Drake has played this out with numerous women. As his first PRC is the 2 of hearts, it stands for the perfect lover. Not husband, but lover. He even has a song where he sings, “I’ve had girls I should have made pay for it-is it just me, or is this so so good I shouldn’t have to fuck for free?” So he has that to offer to women, even if he doesn’t have staying power. As long as women know that going in. they can enjoy him for what he is. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t dream of lasting love. As a Scorpio tiger, he feels things deeply, and he is capable of being exclusive.

What are their connections in the cards? Drake and J-Lo have many connections in the cards.

Their first connection is between their two birth cards. Jennifer Lopez’s birth card, the 4 of clubs, is Drake’s Neptune card. This means that she is his fantasy, his dream woman. He cannot see her clearly. He will only see the high side of her.

If she likes to be put on a pedestal (and Jennifer Lopez’s a LEO, so of course she does!) she will love this connection.

The next connection between Jennifer Lopez and Drake is between his planetary ruling card, the 2 of hearts, and her birth card, the 4 of clubs. This is a Jupiter connection between her 4 of clubs and his 2 of hearts. This means he will love to give to her. She’s already rich, famous and successful, but he will still find ways to give to her. This will make her feel more loved.

This Jupiter connection is a good one for marriage. The Neptune connection as a first connection may be good for awhile, but eventually Jennifer Lopez might think that he doesn’t know her, because he’s so interested in the person on the pedestal, not the real person.

They also have a past life mars connection between the cosmic soul twin of his PRC, the Ace of Clubs and her card, the 4 of clubs. This makes for some very sexy times! As Drake is already the 2 of hearts, I predict some fireworks in the bedroom for Jennifer Lopez if they do get together.

Jennifer Lopez and Drake have a Uranus connection as well, between her birth card in the past life spread, and his birth card in the past life spread. This can make them both happy to let the other person be themselves and not try to impose limitations on the relationship.

Finally Drake’s last PRC, the 2 of diamonds, is sun to her birth card, the 4 of clubs. This sun moon connection is perfect for marriage.

With these connections, Drake and Jennifer Lopez could have a fling, or something more. It all depends on what they decide that they want. And it will be both of them deciding what they want. No one person is more in control in this relationship. It is a relationship of equals.




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