Relationships and the Cards: Grimes and Elon Musk

OK first of all, WHAAAAT?

Grimes and Elon Musk a couple
Grimes and Elon Musk at the Met Gala

Second of all… musical artist Grimes with…. billionaire Elon Musk? What’s UP with that?

Let’s look at their birthdays and what this can tell us about their personalities.

Grimes (Claire Boucher), one of my favorite singers, artists, and general Canadians, was born on March 17th, 1988, making her a 6 of diamonds Queen of diamonds, giving her some pretty heavy emotional weight to carry. Why? Because the 6 of diamonds has an Ace of hearts in Saturn. This can make them feel as if they can never get enough love. Their neptune card is the queen of diamonds, which makes them have fantasies and dreams about having enough money. Because this is also her Planetary Ruling card, we have to think about what this means for her personality. The Queen of Diamonds can have an unfortunate life romantically as well, because of their mercury card the 5 of hearts, which makes them crave variety in love. Then their venus card, the 3 of clubs, and their mars card, the 3 of spades, can make them creative, but also crave variety. To find truly lasting love, they have to come to terms with who they are, and find a desire or a value to be with one person and make it work. This birthday also makes her a Pisces Dragon. Dragons tend to be magnetic and grab all of the attention. Pisces isn’t like that, so there’s a bit of push-me-pull-you inside of Grimes.

Meanwhile, billionaire founder of Tesla motors, Elon Musk, union buster, guy who wants to start a candy company… was born on June 28th, 1971, making him a Cancer Ox, 2 of clubs 7 of spades.  As an Ox, he will be slow and methodical.

His first karma cards are the Ace of spades and the King of Diamonds. His second karma cards are the King of hearts and 8 of hearts. This makes him not only comfortable around powerful people, but able to get what he wants romantically.

What could make them come together? Well, for one, they’re both water signs. However, Dragons are usually too firey and crazy for the more sedate Ox, who prefers Snakes and Roosters, the more cool and laid back Chinese signs.

Grimes planetary ruling card, the Queen of diamonds, is moon to Elon Musk’s first karma card, the King of diamonds. This is one good connection for marriage.

Grimes’ first karma card is the 9 of clubs. This connection in the past life spread to Elon Musk’s birth card, the 2 of clubs, is a Neptune connection, which means he will see her as his dream woman. Or she might grow tired of being put on a pedestal and step off of it.

Then again, if she’s an anarchist artist, and he also believes in less government, this… might be a meeting of the minds and values that would be quite appropriate.

In my mind, their connections in the cards are much less important than who Claire is, as a 6 of diamonds.

The 6 of diamonds is waiting for their ship to come in, financially. They will make romantic decisions based on the fear of not having enough money. Therefore, Grimes with Elon Musk makes perfect sense. Here’s a guy she could definitely say has tons of money. But what happens when you make romantic decisions based on money is that you get stagnant relationships with no love. It’s quite sad.

Who would have thought that someone as successful as Grimes could be worried about money?

They do not have a lot of connections in the life spread, either vertically, diagonally or otherwise. For this reason AND because the extremely rich tend to not be very considerate of other people’s feelings, I do not think this relationship will last.  What do YOU think?

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