Relationships and the Cards: John Cusack and Jodie Lyn O’Keefe

jodi-lyn-okeefe-john-cusackJodie Lyn O’Keefe and John Cusack were dating for 6 years, the longest relationship for either of them, from 2003 to 2009. What were their connections? What drew them together?

Jodie Lyn O’Keefe was born 10/10/1978. This makes her a Libra Horse.

John Cusack was born 6/28/1966. This makes him a Cancer Horse.

Horses get along well together, though there is always the chance of burnout, as both are so focused on their work. Libras in general don’t get along with Cancers. Air and Water? No way! She will seem too heady for his watery emotions. He will seem too wishy washy for her ethereal visions.

John Cusack‘s destiny cards are the 2 of clubs and the 7 of spades. This makes him hard to be with, as the 2 of clubs needs support and help from others, and being a Horse, this is difficult for him to ask for. The 2 of clubs is full of fear, and often arrange their lives so they never have to be alone. You can see with John Cusack’s serial monogamy history that he is not the easiest person to live with. his first Karma card is the Ace of Spades, meaning that his fear of death is so great that it will be difficult for him to focus on his fears long enough to overcome them.

Jodie Lyn O’Keefe‘s cards are the Queen of clubs and the 5 of clubs. This makes her one of the most unmarriageable cards in the deck. The Queen of Clubs is known as being the Queen of Mean. The five of clubs is in love with motion, movement, change, and never staying in the same place too long. You can imagine how much staying tied down to one person appeals to them. Not very much! These are both two fairly unmarriageable people.

How did they get along, and how did they get together?

Because John Cusack both craves and fears commitment, Jodie O’Keefe’s 5 of clubs works out really well for him. They can be together, and not be together, and she can feel free, while he can feel that she is out there, somewhere, in a fantasy kind of way. Their past life Mars connection of the 2 of clubs to the 5 of clubs means they will have an excellent sexual compatibility, which may be part of the reason they stayed together for so long.

However, what are some of the downsides of their connections? Jodie O’Keefe is John Cusack’s past life lesson card. This means that until he integrates some of the more difficult aspects of things he’s here to learn in this lifetime, she will only remind him of his flaws.

John Cusack blames his fame on his troubles with relationships.

He says, “It’s definitely… a different reality. It’s also not all good. It has its downsides too. A lot of women who meet me, aren’t meeting me, they’re meeting their ambition or they’re meeting their relationship to celebrity.

A lot of times when I’m meeting women, I’m waiting for them to start having a conversation with me. I’m thinking, “Are you done yet? Let me know when you’re done and then maybe you can start talking to me.”

Jeremy-Piven-John-Cusack For a more long lasting relationship for John Cusack, let’s look at his former best friend, Jeremy Piven. Piven was born on July 26, 1965, making him a Leo Snake. Snakes and Horses get along well. Leos can often jolly Cancers out of their grumps. Piven is a 2 of clubs as well.

No wonder these two get along well together! They understand each other deeply. They are the same card. Whenever anyone doesn’t get along with their own card, it’s because of something inside of themselves that they don’t want to see. Now that Jeremy Piven is getting more well known, John Cusack is less than happy for him. They need to become friends again, and Cusack needs to learn to be genuinely happy for a friend’s success, just as Piven has been happy for his success for all of these years.


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