Relationships and the Cards: Lady Gaga & Taylor Kinney

lady gaga and taylor kinney
Lady gaga & Taylor Kinney

Lady Gaga has recently announced that she is engaged to Taylor Kinney. What is their connection?

Lady Gaga was born March 28, 1986. This makes her an Aries Tiger! She is an incredibly talented world-famous international singing superstar who rose to fame in the early 2000s as she had her first hit, Just Dance, followed closely by her song Poker Face (below).

Taylor Kinney was born July 15, 1981. This makes him a Cancer Rooster. He is an actor on the TV series The Vampire Diaries. He also had a small role in the movie, Zero Dark Thirty.

Gaga and Kinney have been in a relationship together since meeting on the set of her music video in 2011.

What is the attraction?

Roosters and Tigers are not known for getting along, and neither are Aries and Cancers. Aries find cancers too watery and emotional. Cancers find Aries too hasty and unfeeling. Tigers are known for dramatic acts and Roosters are known for similar flash and some drama. Roosters are more faithful than Tigers.

Tigers are not known for looking before they leap. Ditto Aries. With this combination, you get a ferocious, firey person who wants the crown, and yet who is simultaneously innocent and kittenish. It’s a heartbreaking combination that really shows in one of her first videos, Poker Face.



What are their personalities, according to the Destiny cards?

Lady Gaga is an Eight of Clubs, 10 of hearts. Her first karma card is the Jack of Clubs. Her second karma card is the 5 of spades. As an Eight of clubs, she has a tremendous amount of mental power, compounded by the Jack of Clubs are her first karma card. This means that it is extremely hard to change her mind. And she has said that in previous relationships, what broke them up was not her fame, but her mental strength. It was too much for some of the artists that she chose to date. But she would not compromise, at all. This is a very 8 of clubs trait.

As the eight of Clubs, Lady Gaga is one of the 3 fixed cards in the deck. This means that although she is a strong card, she is fixed in her mind, and life changes will be hard for her. The eights represent power, and for her, it is mental power, a will that is difficult to challenge. Other famous 8 of clubs singers include Kate Bush.

As the 10 of hearts, she will love parties and want to be surrounded by people all of the time. Because of her fixed card, she has no karma cards. For her planetary ruling card, the 10 of hearts, she has two karma cards. The Jack of Clubs makes her even more prone to being a performer, playful and full of ideas for new ways to reinvent herself. Her second karma card, the 5 of spades, makes moving around constantly and changing her lifestyle a blessing for her. This means that life as an itinerant performer suits her.

Taylor Kinney is a King of Clubs, 2 of clubs. His first karma cards are the 2 of spades, the Ace of spades. His second karma cards are King of Hearts and 8 of spades.

How do their destiny cards interact?

What does this mean for their relationship? Their first connection is between their birth cards in the past life spread. He is Saturn to her in the past life spread. Which means he can show her how to be better, and because it’s a past life connection, she will be open to hearing how she can be better. She will appreciate his concern, and support, and the limits he puts on her, because with such a hectic life and all of her money, she likes it when people can be strong and stand up to her.  As the King of Clubs, he can do this without being arrogant.

Because Lady Gaga’s first karma card is the Jack of Clubs, this gives her a Venus connection to Taylor Kinney in the past life spread. This means they have love stemming from another lifetime. She loves him deeply.

Another fun past life connection is that her ten of hearts planetary ruling card connects with his second karma card, the King of Hearts. This means they have a mars connection that can keep their attraction to each other going.

The downside of their relationship: because he’s the 2 of clubs as well, he can have a fear of death, coming from his first karma card, the Ace of Spades. It can be difficult for him to make decisions because of his fear. if he can act out of his birth card instead, he can do better in life.

The positive side of his second karma cards, the King of Hearts and the Ace of spades, means that he can make her feel very happy and loved, and also be strong enough to stand up to her, with his 8 of spades.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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