Relationships and the Cards: Kid Cudi and Stella Maeve


Kid Cudi, aka Scott Mescudi was born January 30, 1984, which makes him an Aquarius Pig.
Stella Maeve was born November 14, 1989, which makes her a Scorpio Snake.

We see them together at the awards ceremonies, and they’re suddenly an item!

Snakes tend to squeeze piggies a little too hard for their own good, so there’s probably a lot of sexual attraction, but this, from a Chinese Astrology perspective is not necessarily going to last.

What are their connections in the destiny card system?

Kid Cudi is a Ten of Clubs, Ten of spades.
Stella Maeve is a 6 of clubs, 10 of clubs, Queen of clubs.

This is really interesting.

Stella Maeve’s first PRC is the same as Kid Cudi’s birth card. When you get together with a card that is the same as your birth card, it is a chance to love yourself more, or get annoyed by your own traits. If you choose a relationship with someone that is the same card as you, you get a chance to love yourself. It could be a true relationship between equals. The Ten of Clubs is not known for having an easy time in relationships, so it might be a relief for both of them to be with someone who is equally driven and career focused. The ten of clubs is also known as the celebrity card, and it is incredible how many people you will see who are famous who have this card.

It can also be a self-centered card. They have 1000 horsepower minds, and once they make up their mind to succeed at something, they will! But trying to find what to focus on first is the hardest thing.

Since the 10 of clubs is Stella Maeve’s PRC, her first connection to Scott Mescudi or Kid Cudi is a Mars connection. This means a lot of attraction to begin with, but trailing off into fights because you can’t have sex all of the time.

Finally, her second PRC, the Queen of Clubs, is moon to Cudi’s PRC, the 10 of spades. That is a good sign. When you find a sun connection to be moon to, it can be one of the most important things for a relationship to succeed.

Unfortunately her PRC is the Queen of Clubs which is one of the more unmarriageable cards, and if she does act it out she might be mean or impatient.

We will see how long this relationship lasts. If Scott Mescudi likes himself, and if Stella Maeve likes herself, they will get along. If they can see how similar they are to each other, and have compassion for each others’ flaws, they can make it work. If, on the other hand, they still have some growing up to do, they may not make it past the honeymoon phase.



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