Relationships and the Cards: Keira Knightley and James Righton

Keira Knightley and James Righton
Keira Knightley and James Righton

Keira Knightley 26 March 1985. She is a Aries Ox.
James Righton 25 August 1983. He is a Virgo Pig.

Virgo and aries go well together. Virgo can tend to be a bit cautious, but with Aries pushing from behind, they laugh a lot, and get out of their rut.

Pigs and Oxen get along fine. They both love to eat, love to cook, and love to stay home and enjoy each others’ company. They also both love to make money, and both are devoted to their careers.

What do their destiny cards say?

Keira Knightley is the 10 of clubs. There are more famous people of this card than any other. They are very interested in their careers, and often this is difficult for their partners. Apparently at the age of 3 Keira Knightley demanded her own agent from her parents. Pretty precocious! Her PRC is the 3 of hearts. This makes her more vulnerable than she appears.

Her first karma cards are the Jack of spades and the ace of hearts. This makes her more likely to be dishonest, and she can be very self-centered in love. Keira Knightley said of herself, “I am duplicitous and manipulative and all those things/ Hopefully that doesn’t define me but they are parts of my personality.”

Her second karma cards are the 4 of spades and the Queen of clubs. This means she loves to work, and being an ox as well will compound this. She can have a spirituality that can touch other people.

James Righton is the Ace of clubs, Queen of clubs. He is the lead singer of the band, The Klaxons. His first karma cards are the 2 of hearts and the 3 of hearts. This means he has a lot to learn about love, how to be a good partner, and how to deal with his desire for variety in love. His second karma card is the 10 of diamonds. This means he may come into a large sum of money. Since Keira Knightley is worth roughly 30 million pounds, this is coming true.

As he is a semi-fixed card, this is the special family of seven who have no karma cards except each other.

How do their destiny cards go together?

Swimmingly! His birth card, the Ace of clubs, is jupiter to her birth card. This means she will like to give to him. They will have a lot of fun together.

Her PRC, the 3 of hearts, is moon to his birth card, the Ace of clubs! This is the perfect connection for marriage.

His PRC, the Queen of clubs and her PRC, the 3 of hearts, are one card apart, which means he is also her venus card. This means that she loves him.

James Righton’s karma card for his birth card, the Ace of clubs, is the 2 of hearts, which means he is also moon to Keira Knightley in the past life spread.

Finally, her PRC is the same as his first karma card for his PRC. That means that she reminds him of parts of himself that he doesn’t like. And she sees things in him that she likes, pieces of her personality. When you’re with someone whose card is your planetary ruling card, even if it is their karma card, it is a significant connection, on par with a sun/moon connection.

All of these connections are perfect for marriage!

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