The Fabulous 10 of Spades

What makes the 10 of spades so special?

Sitting in t10 of spadeshe center of the spread, in the jupiter column, mercury line, gives them many blessings.

Their first karma card, the 4 of hearts, can be a challenge for them. It means that they have a hard time focusing on work and family at the same time. But they can give their all to both.

ALL is a good way to describe how the 10 of spades goes at life. They want to take it ALL in. They want to do it ALL. They can be self centered, but also very focused on the family.

Their second karma card, the Queen of hearts, means that when the 10 of spades does settle down and get married, they can be a wonderful partner and a wonderful parent. They will love being with their kids.

Their true place in the spiritual spread is the neptune line and neptune row. These people dream big for the world.

The 10 of spades is the strongest of the 10s. This means they can rule or contain the 10 of hearts (power with groups) 10 of clubs (power of the mind) 10 of diamonds (power of money) and the 10 of spades, power in work. With so much power at their disposal, they can accomplish much in this world.

What does this say about YOU?

If the 10 of spades is your birth card or planetary ruling card, you can expect that:

1. Your work ethic will be stronger than most people’s.

2. Your focus on work can take precedence over relationships.

3. You will serve love well.

4. You may have a tendency to do things to extremes, because you want to succeed so much.

5. People will value your good advice about your field -you’ve come by it by working so hard, and people respect that!


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