What’s My Card?


With all of the cards in the deck to choose from, which card is yours?

It all depends on the day of your birth. Check this chart out to look up what your birth card is.

what's my destiny card
love cards birth card chart

Once you find your birth card, you can find yourself in the Life Spread, shown below.

Destiny Cards life spread
Destiny Cards Life Spread

From there, we can determine your birth card, your planetary ruling card, and with the addition of the Spiritual Spread, your four Karma cards.

The Spiritual Spread is shown below.

Destiny Cards Spiritual Spread
Destiny Cards Spiritual Spread

Once you start to see your birth card, and understand it, the next card you’ll want to look at is your planetary ruling card, which is determined by your astrological sign, and is essentially another card you act like.

Finding Your Planetary Ruling Card

Your planetary ruling card IS ruled by the planets!

  • Your planetary ruling card is the card next to your birth card if your sign is ruled by Mercury, aka Virgo and Gemini.
  • If your sign is ruled by Venus, your PRC is one card away from you, like Taurus and Libra.
  • If your sign is ruled by Mars, your Planetary Ruling card is three cards away from you, like Aries.
  • If your sign is ruled by Jupiter, like Sagitarius, your PRC is four cards away from you.
  • If your sign is ruled by Saturn, like Capricorn, then your PRC is five cards away from your Birth card.
  • If your sign is ruled by Uranus, like Aquarius, then your PRC is six cards away from you.
  • Finally, if your sign is ruled by Neptune, like Pisces, then your PRC is seven cards away from your birth card.

What are Sun and Moon cards?

When you look up the cards of people around you, such as your mother, father, sisters, brothers, or romantic relationships, you will often see that people around you physically are also near you in the cards. It’s not a coincidence.

We often draw people to us who are our Sun cards or our Moon cards. Some of the most successful relationships come when one person is the sun card and one is the moon card, and often the people will have multiple connections. If you are someone’s sun card, you sit before them in the life spread. They are your moon card. So, for example, if you are the Ace of Spades, your moon card is the Three of Diamonds. If you are the Seven of Hearts, then your moon card is the Ace of Spades. Everyone is sun to someone and moon to someone else. This can also work with your planetary ruling cards, and your karma ards.

Remember, just because you don’t like something that you learn about your birth card, it’s important to understand the truth about yourself. And you also have the option of acting out the highest expression of your card.

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