Relationships and the Cards: Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth

Jennifer lawrence and Liam Hemsworth

Are Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth dating? Is it in the cards? Let’s see.

Jennifer Lawrence was born August 15, 1990, making her a Jack of Clubs Leo Horse.

Liam Hemsworth was born January 13, 1990. This makes him an Ace of Spades 9 of clubs Capricorn Snake.

From a Western astrology perspective, you won’t find a more unlikely couple. Leos are all about shining brightly, the spotlight, and family and love. Capricorns are all about work, food, and are a bit on the stiff side. Capricorns in their Snake guise can be a bit much. Arrogant? Bossy? Demanding? All this and more! Leos in their Horse garb can be outrageous! They look perfectly pulled together. They tend to take love in a cavalier fashion, unless they have decided the person is “the one” and then watch out! They can fall head over hooves with a person and give everything up for the love object and the love object’s whims. Snakes can get along with Horses, provided Horses don’t run off without them. It’s hard not to love the sexy snake, even in stiff capricorn form.

Jennifer Lawrence is the Jack of Clubs, which means she’s all about freedom. Jack of clubs don’t like to be tied down to one concept, one gender, one relationship, one anything! They love to argue, and can keep it going for hours. They are extremely verbal, and love to talk out their feelings. Anyone in love with a Jack of Clubs better keep their ears clean! But her first karma card is the Jack of diamonds. What does that mean? It means lying is always a possibility, with all Jack of Clubs. Your first karma card is your dark side, and Jacks can be known to be immature and wanting the power without wanting to wear the heavy crown of the king or queen.

Her second karma card is the ten of hearts, which means she will love to have fun and be around lots of people.

Liam Hemsworth’s birth card is the Ace of spades. He’s an ace, so he’s really into himself, and doesn’t mind being alone. His 9 of clubs card makes him much sought after by women, as it’s a very sexy card. He shares this card with Justin Timberlake. And his first karma card is the Queen of hearts, which can make it difficult to get the upper hand with him in relationships.

The trouble with Liam Hemsworth is that the Ace of spades represents a desire for work so strong that it can take precedence over all of their relationships. Not to mention his first karma card is the 7 of hearts, meaning he’s always looking out for how he is being disrespected in relationships, and looking for it so much that he finds it. two hearts as first karma cards means that Liam Hemsworth is here to work out a lot of his issues in relationships. Relationships open up his dark side.

In the past life spread, Liam Hemsworth’s 9 of clubs planetary ruling card has a venus connection between Jennifer Lawrence’s birth card, the Jack of clubs. This means he will remember a love for her from their past lives.

In the past life spread, Liam Hemsworth has a mars connection with Jennifer Lawrence, between his 7 of hearts karma card, and her 10 of hearts karma card, so there’s definitely an attraction there. It’s a perfect connection for sex.

In the past life spread, Liam Hemsworth’s first karma card, the Queen of hearts, is also venus to Jennifer Lawrence’s 10 of hearts karma card, which means she will remember a love for him from a past life.

In the life spread, however, there really aren’t many connections for them.

Jennifer Lawrence’s card, the Jack of clubs, is nowhere near Liam Hemsworth’s cards, the 9 of clubs and Ace of spades.

Jennifer Lawrence is all about freedom! They may understand each others’ need for freedom, for self exploration, and for work. No wonder they are cagey about anyone saying if they’re together or not.

If Jennifer Lawrence was attracted to Liam Hemsworth, you couldn’t really blame her. The 9 of clubs is a very sexy card. And they have a lot of past life connections to draw on.

However, she will need to keep moving, as they are both young, and Liam Hemsworth’s Ace of spades (unless he’s willing to make compromises for his relationship over his work) makes him a rather unmarriageable card.

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