Relationships and the Cards: Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy

Jim Carrey, Jenny McCarthy
Jim Carrey and jenny McCarthy

Jim Carrey, Capricorn Ox, was born on 1/17/1962, which makes him a 10 of diamonds 5 of hearts

Jenny McCarthy, Scorpio Rat, was born on 11/1/1972, which makes her a 6 of diamonds, 10 of diamonds 5 of hearts.

Jim and Jenny were together for several years. What were their connections?

Well, Jim is an Ox, and Jenny is a Rat. Oxen can be ably assisted by Rats, and vice versa. Oxen are stodgy and Rats tend to be nervous, and being around Oxen can soothe them.

Their cards are almost exactly the same. Jim is a 10 of Diamonds and 5 of hearts, and Jenny McCarthy has these two cards as her planetary ruling cards.

She is also a 6 of diamonds however.

The main issue romantically with the 6 of diamonds is that they have an inner need for love that cannot be fulfilled, represented by the Ace of hearts in Saturn.

Unfortunately, because the 6 of diamonds are also the competitor card, they will not be open about this need for love. As a 10 of Diamonds, Jenny would also have a hard time being open about her needs. 10 of diamonds number one romantic issue would be an inability to receive.

However, when you get together with your birth card and your planetary ruling card, it’s like saying, “I love myself, and I want to be with someone who expresses my exact qualities”.

The fact that their relationship lasted as long as it did meant that on a deeper level, Jim and Jenny do like themselves, and wanted to share that love that comes with liking yourself.

The main problematic issue is the mars connection which is the first connection between Jenny’s birth card, the 6 of diamonds, and Jim’s birth card, the 10 of diamonds. This mars connection can make for a lot of passion and a lot of fighting, equally.

Unless you keep doing physical things with the person that you’re with, your mars energy will have no place to go, and it ends up in screaming fights and worse.

Probably Jenny, being a security conscious rat, tried to hang on as long as she could but in the end, the mars energy tore them apart.

Also, when you are with someone with the same cards as you, the things that you don’t like about yourself, you will see in them, doubled. So you have to be really conscious, really aware that everything you don’t like about them, it’s because you don’t like those things about yourself. Otherwise, well, it’s vicious circle time.

Here’s a Jim Carrey video that I saw recently and really loved. Maybe you’ll like it too?



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