Edward Snowden, American Hero, Jack of Hearts.

Recently I saw the CitizenFour Documentary of Edward Snowden, and all I can say is WOW. What a hero.

What is his background in the cards, that would make him take such a bold risk? What do Edward Snowden’s Destiny cards say about him?

His birthday is June 21, 1983, which makes him a Gemini or Cancer Pig, Nine of Clubs, Jack of Hearts, or Nine of Clubs, Nine of Spades.

Let’s say he’s a Cancer Pig. A nine of clubs can have mental disappointments. You can see this in his disillusionment around the american military complex, working hard for a cause he believed in, until he realized what he was actually doing.

As a Jack of hearts, he is a fixed card, which means he has the courage of the convictions. Changes in life will be hard for him, as a fixed card.

The Jack of hearts is also known as the Christ card, which means that he is willing to sacrifice himself for people everywhere. This is strong in his design.

You can definitely see this from his actions. He is living out the promise of his card.

Here’s Edward Snowden talking about how we take back the internet.



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