Relationships and the Cards: Skrillex and Kai

Skrillex and Kai Girlfriend
Skrillex and Kai on Instagram

Skrillex (Sonny Moore) might have a new girlfriend named Kai!

She’s the star of one of his new songs, called Mind.

Kai, originally Alessia De Gasperis Brigante, is born March 17, 1990, which makes her a Pisces Horse. Her destiny cards are the Six of Diamonds and the Queen of Diamonds.

Being a horse makes her a rebellious person, but as a Pisces her rebelliousness dies down early. She’s a very sensitive person. As a Six of Diamonds she doesn’t let people see her sweat. She is very competitive. She can also be psychic.

The odds against Horses and Cats getting together are fairly large, but let’s not rule it out just yet. How do Capricorns and Pisces get along? Capricorns can be stiff for the watery Pisces, but Pisces can entwine around Capricorns and get them to give them attention and take it away from their work.

Skrillex is a Queen of Diamonds 7 of Clubs Capricorn Cat, born January 15, 1988. This makes him fairly dedicated to his work, but also a person who likes home and home comforts. As a Queen of Diamonds, he had a hard early life which causes him a lot of pain. He gets out his angst through his creativity and his music. This can still be difficult for him to be in relationships, with his first karma card being the 3 of diamonds. He might just like variety too much to ever settle down with one person. But having the 7 of clubs has his planetary ruling card means that he has a greater chance of looking at his spiritual side and being able to find peace through that.

Are they dating? If so, what is their relationship like in the Destiny Cards?

When you date your PRC, or when two of your cards are the same, it’s a chance to love yourself more. You can also get annoyed with the person more easily because you see their flaws more easily than you see your own.

Aside from this, the first connection between them is a neptune connection between her birth card, the 6 of diamonds, and his birth card, the Queen of diamonds. This means that she will have fantasies and dreams about him, and never be able to see him clearly. A lot of six of diamonds are waiting to marry a rich man, and he could seem like the one she is waiting for. Unfortunately for Skrillex, it’s hard to have someone with you who wants your money, possibly more than they want to be with you as a person.

Since her PRC is his birth card, they are going to have a lot in common. They might have similar emotional issues. They might have similar needs. But they’ll definitely feel very close to each other.

Because her PRC is also the Queen of diamonds, his PRC is her Saturn card. This means he’s here to show her how to be better, or to represent a challenge for her. As he’s older and more successful she will be very interested in learning from him.

With her first karma card as the 9 of clubs, this means that there’s also a past life Venus connection flowing from him to her, which can make a relationship more likely to be loving, and lasting.

But if they continue to work together, and make music together, this relationship might last.

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